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Program Cost

Personalised Principals Executive Coaching Program
ACEL Members - $2200/term
Non Members - $2400/term

Principal and Senior Leaders Coaching Program
ACEL Members - $3400/term
Non Members - $3700/term

Premium Whole School Coaching Program
ACEL Members - $4700/term
Non Members - $4900/term

Now more than ever, principals are required to manage competing priorities. Our Executive Coaching will guide you to balance priorities with wellness while accelerating the achievement of your goals.
This results-oriented program will:

1. Extend your professional capacity by establishing our proven structures for success.

2. Realise your leadership goals through implementing our results-focused processes while collaborating with your peers in a community of excellence.

3. Enhance your wellbeing with Japanese Zen mindfulness practices, grounded in reality and introspection to minimise anxiety and stress and increase emotional regulation.

Through one-to-one sessions with Lee Crockett, this exclusive coaching opportunity is personalised to achieve your leadership and strategic goals while establishing a culture of wellbeing and holistic growth.


“ The Executive Coaching Program uniquely provides the accountability and the personalised support that principals require to meet strategic priorities and drive necessary change across a school. Being able to connect with principals nationally and internationally to talk about and reflect upon similar problems of practice has been invaluable. As a Foundation Principal of a brand new school, my focus is on building a positive culture of learning and this has been made possible through engaging with this Program. ”

Jackie Vaughan, Principal Evelyn Scott School, Canberra

“ Our conversations are helping me build the educational clarity required for our College. The Milestones and Footsteps are providing a framework for me to document what this looks like with certainty with my leadership team."

Anthony Stockwell, Principal Hazel Glen College, Melbourne

“ Leading a school can be a lonely place. The executive coaching program gives me chance to have my school improvement plans challenged professionally which leads to a better outcome. It also connects me with high-quality principals from around the world. ”

Trevor Robinson, Principal Lalor Primary School, Melbourne

“ The Executive Coaching program is a rare opportunity for principals to dedicate time to think deeply and gain precision around direction, strategy, execution and reflection. It really is one of the few times where I gain true clarity around purpose leading to action. ”

Simon McGlade,Principal Mackellar Primary School, Melbourne


Lee is an optimist. He believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together through mindfulness and compassion.

Lee Crockett works globally with governments, education systems, and corporations to help people and organisations connect to their highest purpose and realise their wishes for the future.

Mindfulness is the foundation of his approach to creating vital learning environments for groups around the world through simplicity, clarity and joyful curiosity.

Living in Kamakura, Japan, he practices Zen and the Shakuhachi, a traditional Japanese bamboo flute.

His several best-selling books including Future-Focused Learning: 10 Essential Shifts of Everyday Practice have garnered many awards and are used in schools and universities around the world.

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