Wonder Wall: Leading Creative Schools

Wonder Wall: Leading Creative Schools in an Age of Complexity

by Peter Gamwell and Jane Daly

Gamwell shares the keys to nurturing and fostering creativity, innovation, leadership, and engagement in classrooms, businesses, and even families in THE WONDER WALL. By creating a stimulating environment, you’ll learn to naturally nurture and foster the inborn creative capacities of every individual. This book shows readers how to build a school culture that embraces storytelling, fun, curiosity, forgiveness and celebration and how this helps to foster a sense of belonging and consequently learning.

Chapter 1: The Start of Something Extraordinary

Chapter 2: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Future

Chapter 3: The Imperatives for Creativity: Getting There is a Three-way Street

Chapter 4: Lead the Way: Leadership Development

Chapter 5: Condition #1: Storytelling and Listening

Chapter 6: Condition #2: Moving Beyond Diversity to Inclusivity

Chapter 7: Condition #3: Making it Personal

Chapter 8: Condition #4: Celebrating

Chapter 9: Assessing the Culture of Creativity
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