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Message from the Branch President, Warren Symonds


I recently had the pleasure of attending a short webinar on Imperfect Leadership by Steve Munby. In his latest book called ‘Imperfect Leadership – A book for leaders who know they don’t know it all’ Steve expands on seven areas that he identifies as the skills of imperfect leaders:

  1. Show a deep self-awareness and tune into context
  2. Develop and empower our teams and value their expertise
  3. Ask for help internally and externally
  4. Lead with power and with love
  5. Manage our ego – neither too small nor too big
  6. Make public promises in order to stay true to what we believe in
  7. Lead with authenticity and try to do the right thing.

Steve highlighted that leaders need to develop their own leadership style based on their beliefs and values, expertise and skills, and personality. But context matters, so our leadership styles has to change as our context changes. He also believes that the reason why imperfect leadership is so important is: ‘If we want sustainable, well-led schools, if we want long-term and effective education systems, then we should ditch all the striving towards perfection, focusing on doing the right for the students, genuinely ask for help from others and celebrate the fact that we are imperfect leaders.’ ACEL will be facilitating a 3-part webinar starting on Tuesday 19 October, and I encourage you to investigate this webinar further by clicking here

If you haven’t noticed this yet, all state branches have opened up as many local events to all ACEL members. This is another exciting way to network and access a diverse range of professional learning opportunities. To see what’s on offer, all you need to do is to click here

The end of the term is not far away, and it’s time to recharge your batteries. With the pressures we all have been experiencing over the past months, it’s time to look after ourselves, and during the up-and-coming holidays, you should focus on your wellbeing.

I hope you have a safe and relaxing holiday.

Warren Symonds
ACEL SA Branch President

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