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Message from the Branch President, Kylie Lipscombe


I write to you with an extra spring in my step as we begin to see what hopefully is the light at the end of the tunnel with the easing of restrictions. I hope that everyone can reconnect with family and friends again soon.

It has been a jam packed couple of months at ACEL. In September, ACEL NSW hosted Flourishing in the Middle, an online event focused on middle leadership. Thank you to the 150+ colleagues who joined us to explore the importance of middle leadership and how middle leaders can thrive in their educational settings. Thank you also to the teams at Penrith High School and Holy Name Primary School who shared their leadership journey with us. The event provided an opportunity to understand that there is no one way to lead from the middle, but there are common and key aspects to support middle leaders including senior leadership support, clear role descriptions, coaching and mentoring opportunities and ongoing spaces for inquiry and reflection. Our next event is planned for early 2022. Keep an eye out on more information about this event.

Last week ACEL hosted the National Conference online and while we could not be face-to-face, the event was a fabulous opportunity to be challenged and supported to deeply consider leadership, equity and excellence. One key message that I took away was the importance of the collective voice across sectors to advocate and lead for a more equitable educational system for all of our students as we continue to build the momentum in developing new opportunities for teaching and learning, grow authentic opportunities for student empowerment and agency, and proactively find ways to care for ourselves, our colleagues and our communities. Thank you to the ACEL team who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to organise the conference.

The ACEL National Leadership Awardees were recently announced, and while I would like to congratulate all awardees, it is particularly pleasing to congratulate three colleagues from NSW:

ACEL Hedley Beare Award for Educational Writing
This award aims to promote quality writing by educators about educational leadership
Pasi Sahlberg

ACEL Fellowships
Outstanding contribution to the improvement of student and organisational outcomes.
Frank Malloy

ACEL Leadership Award
Excellent educational leadership in developing and implementing a significant educational initiative, conducting research or influencing educational policy.
Christopher Smyth

All the best everyone for the beginning of Term 4.

ACEL NSW Awards Showcase

Local & Online Events

JUST ANNOUNCED - 2021 ACE & ACEL New England: Annual Awards Night

Friday 29th October 2021 - Armidale City Bowling Club, 92-96 Dumaresq St
Time: 6.30pm – 10.30pm
$55 members
Group of 7 paying supporters $385.00 (which is $55.00 per person)
$65 Non-members
ACEL Member Discount Coupon code: WTDNE2021

Awards to be presented
ACEL Awards:
The William Walker Award for Excellence in Educational Leadership
The Sister Cath Duxbury Award for Outstanding Emerging Educational Leaders
ACE Awards:
The Cynthia Briggs Award for Empowerment Through Education
The Alan Kerr Memorial Award for Early Career Service
The JA Sutherland Memorial Award for a Significant Contribution to Education
The HTB Harris Memorial Award for a Significant Memorial Program



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