with Lyn Sharratt


How will CLARITY Learning Suite be offered? To individuals, to groups from the same school or network, to groups from the same system?

Individuals will be able to register, certainly, however the work within the Suite will be more rewarding to those who undertake it together in school teams, network leadership groups, etc. People who register will learn in Cohorts which could be comprised of people from the same school, network, system and many others as well. Individuals will be placed into cohorts and through the Members Profile area, be given opportunities to work with others in similar situations – to optimize the learning potential for everyone.

What does registration cost?

The registration fee for individuals or groups up to 5 people is $AUD 990 plus GST per person for each person up to 5.

Registration for groups of 6 to 10 people from the same school or network is $AUD 920 plus GST per person, for each person in the entire group up to 10.

Registration for groups of 11 to 20 people from the same school or network is $AUD875 per person plus GST, for each person in the entire group up to 20.

Group pricing for more than 20 people from the same school, network or system is available upon request.

When can I register?

The opening date for registration in Cohort 1 will be announced October 2, 2020. There are only a limited number of places available for Cohort 1.

When does CLS Cohort 1 begin?

Once accepted into CLS Cohort 1, registrants will gain access to the CLARITY Learning Suite and will be able to begin their learning during the week of February 8, 2021.

Why are there Cohorts and not open registration of large numbers of participants?

Limiting registration to Cohorts and limiting Cohort size provides assurance that the CLS Team can live up to its commitment that every FACE in the Cohort has the best learning experience possible.

CLS is unique in how it can be presented. System, network or school leaders can learn alongside teachers, learning together. It is collaborating on learning that enables all participants to develop a shared vision, language and platform that enables the conditions to improve teaching and learning practices that ultimately impact on student learning.

How large is each Cohort?

While technology makes large Cohorts possible, limiting Cohort size enables the CLS team to maximise the experience for every registrant.

How often will Cohorts begin?

CLS will open registration for Cohort 2 as soon Cohort 1 is filled. Similarly, as soon as Cohort 2 is filled, registration will begin for Cohort 3, etc.

Is it only open to leadership teams?

CLS is for everyone from first year teacher to system director. CLS is a whole system, network, and school approach; leadership teams in schools, networks and systems are encouraged to sign up.

Everyone has a leadership role at some time at some level. Everyone has a teaching role at some time during their current position role. Everyone has a learner role. CLS is about “CLARITY: What matters most in learning, teaching and leading.” This is the title of Lyn Sharratt’s book which is the text for the Suite, and it is the underlying rationale for the CLS.

How long will it take me to complete the CLARITY Learning Suite?

CLS is comprised of 12 modules each of which has between 2 and 8 sessions. Each session takes about an hour to complete. A Learning Leader will be determined for each learning group and that Learning Leader may determine the precise length of program for that learning group in collaboration with the group.

If my cohort or study group hasn’t completed the full CLS 12 modules within a school year can we continue?

Your registration permits you to work on the program with your learning group for up to 2 calendar years. You can finish the work and return to refer to the web material you have made notes in, continue to work with Members you have met, or continue to have discussions with your team during that 2 years.

Those who have completed CLS in two years will become Learning Members. Following the two years, Learning Members will be eligible to register annually for the continuing Learning Member program of blogs, webinars, new study materials etc. that the CLS Team will provide to Learning Members only.

Is there a limit to the number of staff from my school who can register?

There is no limit to the number of staff who can register for a Cohort. Because CLS is an online professional learning suite for teachers and leaders, the group may determine the most opportune and effective time for PL. It maybe faculty, network, staff or system meeting times. In essence whatever works for this cohort of learners. The design of CLS allows for leaders and teachers to take control over the pace and implementation of their own PL. There are no replacement staff required, there are no travel costs associated with CLS.

What is the text or reading for the course?

CLS is a suite of learning opportunities rather than a course. The text is Lyn Sharratt’s text “CLARITY: What matters most in learning teaching and leading” (Corwin, 2019). You can buy it through the ACEL website now or when you register for CLS. Every session will have readings from CLARITY, from the Resources tab of the Clarity Learning Suite site, and from elsewhere on the internet.

Other than the text CLARITY, what other resources are required?

Every participant will require a laptop or tablet they can use to access the internet, on which they can write notes and reflections, and through which they can access other Members for rich discussion and sharing of their learning.

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