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As you are likely aware, information about Covid-19 is being updated rapidly and the global response has escalated significantly.

Accordingly, ACEL have decided to postpone all events and workshops that were currently scheduled between March and June 2020. New dates for each event will soon be announced and all current registrants will have their registration automatically moved to the new dates. Each registrant will also be contacted individually by ACEL with further direct information.

ACEL regret this reschedule and any impact caused to our valued education network in this unprecedented time. However, the health and safety of our delegates, staff and partners is our number one priority and we believe this to be in the best interest of all.

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Aasha Murthy, ACEL CEO


Presenting Visible Learningplus 2020 Workshops featuring ALL NEW content.

The Visible Learningplus school change model of professional learning is based on one simple belief: every student should experience at least one year’s growth over the course of one school year.

Visible Learningplus translates the research of Professor John Hattie into a practical roadmap for implementation in the classroom and schoolwide. Today, schools around the world use Visible Learningplus to examine their impact on student achievement and create innovation in the learning environment.

Visible Learning is unique because it not only gives you evidence to prove what you are doing is effective it provides the data gathering techniques you need to continuously measure your impact on student learning and use evidence to inform your next professional learning steps.

Corwin and The Australian Council for Educational Leaders are proud to present the first of our Visible Learning series for 2020. Three events will be presented this May in in Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane in May. Each event is held over two full days featuring a Visible Learning Foundation Day and Symposium Sessions.


There is a science to learning and we are finding out more and more about what works best to support the learning processes that make a difference for learners. During this day you will hear about a research-based model of learning and how to apply the principles to achieve more effective learning outcomes for your learners. You will consider how learning strategies can be used to maximise impact so that learners develop the skill, the will and the thrill of learning and what strategies work best at the surface, deep and transfer phases of learning.

Practical examples, insights and strategies to reflect on and use in your own practice is at the heart of this day.

Participants will go deeper into:

  • How students learn by understanding the ‘Model of Learning’
  • Exploring the phases of learning and the unique importance of each: surface, deep, and transfer
  • Identifying learning strategies that are more impactful at the surface, deep and transfer phases of learning
  • Considering how to strategise what practices to implement at the right time in a student’s learning to achieve more effective learning outcomes for all learners

This day is suitable for educators interested in understanding how students learn regardless of age or stage of development.


In 2008, Professor John Hattie published Visible Learning, a synthesis of more than 800 meta-studies covering more than 80 million students. The book revealed what education variables have the biggest impact on learning and created a new mindset that has swept up educators around the world.

Visible Learning means that students know what they need to learn, how to learn it, and how to evaluate their own progress. Using the Visible Learning approach, teachers become evaluators of their own impact on student learning. The combination causes students to drive their own learning. Since 2008, Professor Hattie has teamed with highly influential educators to expand the Visible Learning canon with books, including Visible Learning into Action, Visible Learning for Teachers, Visible Learning for Mathematics and Visible Learning for Literacy.

Visible Learningplus is the model of professional learning that takes the theory of Hattie’s research and puts it into a practical inquiry model for teachers and school leaders to ask questions of themselves about the impact they are having on student achievement. Visible Learningplus is a result of the collaboration between Professor John Hattie and Corwin with the aim to help educators translate the Visible Learning research. Through a global network of partners, Visible Learningplus professional learning is implemented in over 20 countries in North America, Europe, and the Pacific.


Sam Rodgers is currently an education consultant with Corwin Australia. With extensive experience in both local and international schools, Sam has most recently been the Learning and Teaching Adviser for the English Schools Foundation in Hong Kong. There, she supported teachers and leaders implementing Visible Learning in their schools and developed professional learning for teachers on pedagogy, leadership and wellbeing.

In her current role, Sam supports schools across the country who are putting Visible Learning theory into practice. Sam facilitates teacher workshops, collaborates with leadership teams and undertakes school reviews. Sam is also a Visible Learning for Literacy accredited facilitator, with background in language and literacy. Sam is deeply committed in partnering with educators to help build effective teaching to ensure ALL learners are learning.

Presented by Visible LearningPlus Certified Consultant

At the core of today’s learning is the narrative of Professor John Hattie’s Visible Learning research, which has been distilled into five key strands. We will begin the day by providing background knowledge of the Visible Learning research, which seeks to investigate “what works best” in education. It is from this research base that we will then go deeper into each of the key Visible Learning strands that describe the themes uncovered in the research and what the research looks like in practice. We will then conclude the day with a session on the 10 Mindframes for Success.

The day is designed to consider ways of supporting educators to ‘see the learning through the eyes of the student and students to see themselves as their own teachers.’

The Foundation Day seminar will be facilitated by a highly experienced and certified Visible Learningplus consultant. John Hattie will be presenting How Students Learn during Symposium Day only.

Foundation Day Participants will go deeper into:

  • Exploring the Visible Learning research and the major factors that influence student learning and achievement
  • Considering the key characteristics visible learners and ways of building and developing visible learners
  • The mind frames teachers and leaders need to have to impact student achievement and instruction

This day is suitable for educators interested in understanding ‘what works best’ in education and how to develop visible learners who see themselves as their own teachers.

Visible Learning will contribute 6 hours of New South Wales Education Standards Authority Registered PD addressing 6.2.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW. This workshop endorsement is through Corwin Press Australia Pty Ltd.


Full Registration: $790
Symposium: $480
Foundation Day: $360
Combine & Save (Full): $950
Receive a discount when you combine your registration with a new ACEL membership – normally $195.

Corwin is the exclusive Australian provider of Visible Learningplus consulting and professional learning.
ACEL is proud to partner with Corwin in delivering Visible Learningplus seminars and events.​