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Picture of the product10 Mindframes for Leaders
10 Mindframes for Leaders
The VISIBLE LEARNING(R) Approach to School Success

By: John Hattie, Raymond L. Smith

It’s not what you do, it’s how you think about what you do.

Mindframes—your internal set of beliefs about your role as school leader—determine the high-impact leadership practices you choose to implement. In other words, how you think about the impact of the actions you take has more effect on student achievement than your leadership practices themselves.

Building on over twenty-five years of Visible Learning research and girded by a theory of action that ensures school leaders have the expertise to select, implement, and evaluate high impact interventions, 10 Mindframes for Leaders: The VISIBLE LEARNING® Approach to School Success brings the mindframes of ten world-renowned educators to life. Ten chapters, each written by a different thought leader, detail a mindframe at the heart of successful school leadership, along with the high probability influences that make each mindframe visible. A must-have resource for any educator working toward student achievement at ever-higher levels, each chapter includes:

The most current, up-to-date findings from the Visible Learning research, including the factors from Visible Learning that support each mindframe
Practical ideas for leaders to implement high-impact strategies in classrooms and schools
Vignettes, questions, insights, and exercises to help educators clarify and refine their own mindframes

Lead your school to reform from the inside out. Cultivate these ways of thinking, and you’re more likely to have major impacts on the learning lives of those students entrusted to your care.

Includes contributions from… John Hattie, Raymond L. Smith, Janet Clinton, Peter DeWitt, Doug Fisher, Nancy Frey, Dylan Wiliam, Dominique Smith, Jenni Donohoo, Laura Link, Michael Fullan, Sugata Mitra, Zaretta Hammond, and Jim Knight

PBK | July 2020 | 144 Pages| Corwin

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Picture of the product10 Mindframes for Visible Learning: Teaching for Success
by John Hattie & Klaus Zierer

The original Visible Learning research concluded that one of the most important influencers of student achievement is how teachers think about learning and their own role.

In Ten Mindframes for Visible Learning, John Hattie and Klaus Zierer define the ten behaviors or mindframes that teachers need to adopt in order to maximize student success.

These include:
- thinking of and evaluating your impact on students’ learning;
- the importance of assessment and feedback for teachers;
- working collaboratively and the sense of community;
- the notion that learning needs to be challenging;
- engaging in dialogue and the correct balance between talking and listening;
- conveying the success criteria to learners;
- building positive relationships.

These powerful mindframes, which should underpin every action in schools, are founded on the principle that teachers are evaluators, change agents, learning experts, and seekers of feedback who are constantly engaged with dialogue and challenge.

This practical guide, which includes questionnaires, scenarios, checklists, and exercises, will show any school exactly how to implement Hattie’s mindframes to maximise success.

Published: 15th December 2017
ISBN: 9781138635524
Number Of Pages: 180

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Picture of the product10 Things New Teachers Need to Succeed 2ed

Author: Robin Fogarty

What are ten things that help new teachers get off to a good start?
How can educators excel in this complex, demanding, and ultimately rewarding profession?
These answers, along with high impact strategies, can be found in this must-have resource.

Filled with words of wisdom, practical advice, and action steps to achieve success in those critical first years, this powerful little booklet distills the teaching and consulting experience of an international author and teacher of teachers.

It includes:
  • high-impact strategies for novice and veteran practitioners
  • how-to for communicating with parents - techniques for planning for the unexpected
  • a unique format for teacher teams to discuss one chapter a month
  • action steps to achieve success in the crucial first years
This handy guide is a quick reference tool on everything from writing rubrics to communicating with parents to planning for the unexpected. Teams of new and experienced teachers can grow together by discussing and applying a chapter a month over a year.

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Picture of the product100 Activities for Teaching Research Methods
100 Activities for Teaching Research Methods

Catherine Dawson

A sourcebook of exercises, games, scenarios and role plays for research methods tutors, teachers and lecturers, this practical, user-friendly guide has been developed to complement and enhance existing course materials. It is full of activities that contain clear guidance about the purpose, level and type of activity, along with a range of discussion notes that signpost key issues and research insights. Important terms, related activities and further reading suggestions are included for each activity.

The book contains 100 ready-to-use activities that provide a complete and valuable resource for educators, all of which are also available to be downloaded online.

Innovative and engaging classroom practice is encouraged in seven areas:

• finding and using sources of information

• planning a research project

• conducting research

• using and analyzing data

• disseminating results

• acting ethically

• developing deeper research skills

Every university with a Social Science department has to deliver research methods in some capacity, but there is no need for us all to sit in our institutional silos and reinvent the wheel. Dawson provides a huge and varied list of pre-designed activities for methods teachers to draw upon covering the whole research process and an eclectic range of methodological approaches. The activities are pedagogically engaging, comprehensively resourced and provide us with an opportunity to rethink how social science research methods can be taught in a more interactive and engaging way.

384 Pages | Pbk

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Picture of the product17,000 Classroom Visits Can’t Be Wrong
17,000 Classroom Visits Can’t Be Wrong: Strategies That Engage Students, Promote Active Learning, and Boost Achievement

Authors - Jim Garver & John Antonetti

Most educators are skilled at planning instruction and determining what they will do during the course of a lesson. However, to truly engage students in worthwhile, rigorous cognition, a profound shift is necessary: a shift in emphasis from teaching to learning. Put another way, we know that whoever is doing the work is also doing the learning – and in most classrooms, teachers are working much too hard.

Authors John V. Antonetti and James R. Garver are the designers of the Look 2 Learning model of classroom walkthroughs. They’ve visited more than 17,000 classrooms – examining a variety of teaching and learning conditions, talking to students, examining their work and determining their levels of thinking and engagement. From this vast set of data, they’ve drawn salient lessons that provide valuable insight into how to smooth the transition from simply planning instruction to designing high-quality student work.

The lessons John and James have learned from their 17,000 (and counting) classroom visits – and which they share in this book – can’t be wrong. Features of the book include stories of successful practice and practical tools ready for immediate classroom application. The authors also provide opportunities for reflection and closure designed to help you consider (or reconsider) your current beliefs and practices. Throughout, you will hear the voices of John and James – and the thousands of students they met – as they provide a map for shifting the dynamic from teaching to learning.

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Picture of the product365 Things To Make You Go Hmmm: A Year's Worth of Class Thin
365 Things To Make You Go Hmmm… A year's worth of class thinking

Author: Sparky Teaching

Good teachers know that in order to have children learning, first of all you need to have children thinking. And the better that thinking, the better the learning. This engaging, entertaining and visually striking book is full of simple, practical and proven ideas, tasks, tools and strategies do just that – make children of all abilities to stop, think, reflect, ponder and wonder. Drawing on the success of the author’s popular website, this book will start the cognitive ball rolling across a whole range of disciplines including numeracy, literacy, problem solving, decision-making, interpersonal skills and critical thinking. So, before you get to that all-important ‘a-ha’ moment, let this book help you with those overlooked, but equally important, moments where you all just go ‘hmmm …’

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Picture of the product50 Teaching and Learning Approaches
50 Teaching and Learning Approaches: Simple, easy and effective ways to engage learners and measure their progress

Sharron Mansell, Ann Gravells and Andrew Hampel

This reader-friendly and accessible text introduces 50 learning and teaching approaches and explores how they work in practice by taking an honest look at the advantages and disadvantages of each one. For each approach, the authors include in-practice examples taken from a range of teaching contexts. The text also offers clear support for teachers on how they can assess learners' progress when using each approach. This focus on the need to see and measure the learning that is taking place supports the reader to concentrate on the learning and not be distracted with the newness of different approaches.

Published: 4th October 2019
ISBN: 9781526488756
Number Of Pages: 160

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Picture of the product59 Reasons to Write: Mini-Lessons, Prompts, and Inspiration
59 Reasons to Write: Mini-Lessons, Prompts, and Inspiration for Teachers

Author - Kate Messner

In order to teach writing effectively, teacher must be writers themselves. They must experience the same uncertainty of starting a new draft and then struggling to revise. As they learn to move past the fear of failure, they discover the nervous rush and exhilaration of sharing work with an audience, just as their students do. Only by engaging in the real work of writing can teachers become part of the writing community they dream of creating for their students.

Kate Messner’s new book, 59 Reasons to Write, shows teachers and librarians who teach writing how to be stronger role models for their students.

“Writing for my students provided me with appropriate mentor texts to share,” she writes. “Writing with my students made me a mentor and a far better teacher.”

59 Reasons to Write grew out of Messner’s popular online summer writing camp, Teachers Write. Throughout the book she offers mini-lessons, writing prompts and bursts of inspiration designed to get you writing every day, whether on your own or as part of a group. Dozens of guest authors also share their writing processes and secrets, from brainstorming ideas and organising research to developing characters and getting unstuck from writer’s block.

59 Reasons to Write if for anyone who always wanted to write but never managed to get into the habit. Daily warm-ups will help you flex your writing muscles and energise your teaching. As Messner shares, “One of the greatest gifts of writing is the way it nudges us to look more closely not only as the world but also at ourselves."

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Picture of the product88 Ideas to Teach More Effectively
88 Ideas to Teach More Effectively : Forget Being the Favourite

Tim Bowman, Foreward by John Hattie

"This is GOOD. Really, really extraordinary stuff. I don't think I've ever seen a similar book on education". - Seth Godin

"Tim writes with flair … A book you can read, dip into, come back to, and I can imagine these pages appearing on a student or teachers desk to inspire, contemplate, or react to". - John Hattie

If you are after a compendium of detailed lesson plans, this is not the book for you.

If you want to hear from a self-professed teaching guru, this is not the book for you.

If you believe the road to being an effective teacher is paved with uncertainty, contradictions and mistakes…this may be the book for you.

Designed to be unlike any other education book, 88 Ideas to Teach More Effectively is packed with practical wisdom to encourage teachers to maximise their impact and be happier.

This book aims to challenge and inspire students, teachers and everyone involved in education, no matter what their background. All will find value in reading this concise and accessible book.

Combined with 88 entertaining, full-colour illustrations this book is basically a chocolate bar that’s good for you!

Topics include:

Hook ‘em early;
Forget being the favourite;
Teach sticky;
Say I don’t know;
Teachable moments;
Removing your emotions
You will feel terrible sometimes;
You’re not "just a teacher";
Don’t miss an opportunity.
88 Ideas to Teach More Effectively is an invaluable guide for students, teachers and newly qualified teachers who are wanting to reflect on their role and impact…plus, it has pretty pictures.

182 pages | Oct 2016

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Picture of the productA Guide to Documenting Learning
A Guide to Documenting Learning: Making Thinking Visible, Meaningful, Shareable, and Amplified

by Silvia Tolisano and Janet Hale

What is learning? How do we look for, capture, reflect on, and share learning to foster meaningful and active engagement? A Guide to Documenting Learning helps educators answer these questions.

Documenting learning is a process that makes thinking about learning processes visible, meaningful, shareable, and amplified. It facilitates student-driven learning, helping students reflect on and articulate their own learning processes. It also helps teachers reflect on their own learning and classroom practice.

When teachers are co-creators with their students, both gain valuable insights that inform future learning and empower students as engaged learners.

This unique how-to book
- Explains the purposes and different types of documentation
- Teaches different “LearningFlow” systems to help educators integrate
documentation throughout the curriculum
- Provides authentic examples of documentation in real classrooms
- Is accompanied by a robust companion website where readers can find even more documentation examples and video tutorials

Written for educators of any grade level, this book provides insights into contemporary learning and professional learning environments, and emphasizes the power of technology to amplify teaching and learning beyond school walls.

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