Welcome to the WA Branch of ACEL.

We live in very exciting and busy times with education usually at the forefront of innovation and forward thinking. ACEL is the leading voice of educational leadership across Australia. ACEL WA is proud to be able to offer educators in Western Australia the opportunity to learn from the leaders in education thinking and practise. As a member of ACEL you will be kept up-to-date with the latest educational research, learning from the voices of outstanding educational leaders within Australia and internationally. We now know that the leaders who make the greatest difference are those who

  • Are deeply committed to and focus on achievement for all students
  • Are challenged to think about their practice and encouraged to work collaboratively to deliver positive outcomes for schools
  • Enable the school to be a place not only for students to learn but also teachers to learn through evidence informed strategies

The WA Branch Executive and the national team are working together to ensure the Australian Council of Educational Leaders serves the profession through the provision of

  • professional learning
  • research and publications
  • educational advocacy
  • and recognition of professional excellence.

I would like to acknowledge the ACELWA Branch Executive who volunteer their time to coordinate leadership opportunities for our members. Please feel free to contact them should you have any items you would like to discuss. ACELWA looks forward to continuing to connect with leaders from all sectors and acknowledge the outstanding work that is being undertaken across Western Australia. If you know of schools worthy of recognition I would love to hear from you.

Yours Sincerely,
Sinan Kerimofski
ACEL WA Branch President