Welcome to the ACT Branch of ACEL.

ACEL was established to support, develop, and strengthen educational leadership capabilities across Australia and internationally. As with all the ACEL Branches, the ACEL ACT Branch Executive give their time and experience to do so. Whether it be through shaping the practice of educational leadership, encouraging discourse and research, or in contributing to the growth of the educational leadership profession (I stole those words from the ACEL Constitution!), that is what we are here to do with you.

The beauty of the ACT is that we are a small jurisdiction, which makes the opportunities for members to come together as a cross sectorial network even easier. So, join us at any of the events that ACEL ACT is planning to bring you a in 2021. These will include the Panel with the Leaders, the Currie Lecture, and/or our annual Breakfast with the Minister. We will also continue to recognise the excellence of leadership in the ACT at our Awards Ceremony later in the year. Creating a network to elevate the importance of middle leaders will be a new focus for the ACT ACEL Executive in 2021, to support the growth of ACEL members in this space.

Digitally, ACEL has much to offer. The 2020 Global Conference helped shape the way in which we engage with learning online. As too, do our resources such as Resources in Action, Leaders Lounge, and online webinars, continue to offer alternatives ways to engage with professional learning.

Lastly, I would like to invite ACEL members, their schools, colleagues and/or those in their networks, to consider writing an article for our flagship magazine, the Australian Educational Leader or AEL… you might have a school success story, a student voice project, or say, a system initiative that is making a difference to student outcomes or improving leadership; they are all worthy contributions.

Whether you have ideas to share, a hunch for an article, are simply looking to broaden your network or seek support for an initiative, feel free to contact me, or one of our executive members, who the work of the ACEL ACT Branch is not possible without.

Keep in mind, it is upon all of us as educators to build the leadership knowledge, skills, understanding and capability of current and future educational leaders, together.

Yours Sincerely,
Kirk Zwangobani
ACEL ACT Branch President