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Picture of the product10 Perspectives on Innovation in Education
10 Perspectives on Innovation in Education : 1st Edition

Edited by Jimmy Casas, Todd Whitaker, Jeffrey Zoul

How do great educators bring about real change to make a difference in students’ lives? In this first volume of the Routledge Great Educators Series, 10 of education’s most inspiring thought-leaders come together to share their top suggestions you need right now to innovate in your school or classroom. You will gain fresh insights and practical strategies on these essential topics:

Personalizing professional learning (Jeffrey Zoul)
Promoting a positive school culture (Todd Whitaker)
Improving our hiring practices (Jimmy Casas)
Designing spaces that maximize learning (Thomas C. Murray)
Empowering students in their learning and assessments (Starr Sackstein)
Flipping the classroom to reach each student (Kirk Humphreys)
Positioning libraries as learning hubs (Shannon McClintock Miller)
Helping others embrace technology changes (Katrina Keene)
Developing personal, not just professional, skills (Dwight Carter)
Embracing each student's passions and strengths (LaVonna Roth)
Filled with inspiring stories throughout, the book will leave you feeling motivated to take risks and try new things in your own school or classroom. As the authors say, if we want to make a real difference, it’s not enough to do the things we do better; we must also do new and better things!

"Imagine you have the opportunity to learn from the most exciting, innovative and inspiring educators today…..all in one book! 10 Perspectives on Innovation in Education is an exciting project that brings today’s brightest educators together to share ideas, resources, and practices that can be tried tomorrow. Be ready to be engaged and inspired, and to innovative your practices tomorrow." — Jessica Cabeen, Principal, 2017 Minnesota Nationally Distinguished Principal, Author and Speaker

Published: 7th January 2019
ISBN: 9781138598836
Number Of Pages: 162

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Picture of the product100 Day Leaders
100-Day Leaders :
Turning Short-Term Wins Into Long-Term Success in Schools (a 100-Day Action Plan for Meaningful School Improvement)

Douglas Reeves, Robert Eaker
Foreword by Michael Fullan
Within 100 days, schools have dramatically increased student achievement, transformed faculty morale and school culture, reduced discipline issues, and much more. Begin leading focused, meaningful change in your own school with the support of 100-Day Leaders by Douglas Reeves and Robert Eaker. Using this book to guide your school improvement plan, you will learn how to achieve a series of short-term wins that combine to form long-term success.

Begin a 100-day action plan for educational leadership to effect significant school improvement:

Become familiar with the 100-day leadership plan and the six stages of implementation.
Understand the importance of a collaborative culture in creating strong leadership in schools.
Develop an understanding of high-leverage leadership techniques and strategic planning.
Study the personality traits and leadership qualities that support successful change management and school improvement.
Access reproducible rubrics that can be used to measure progress of the 100-day leadership action plan and your school leadership development.

About the Authors
Introduction: Why One Hundred Days?

Part 1: Exploring 100-Day Leadership
Chapter 1: Why Before How
Chapter 2: The Six Steps of 100-Day Leadership
Chapter 3: The 100-Day Leader in Action

Part 2: Creating the Environment for Success
Chapter 4: A Strong Foundation
Chapter 5: How to Begin From Within

Published: 15th July 2019
ISBN: 9781949539257
Number Of Pages: 168
HB SOT9969

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Picture of the product7 Strategies for Improving Your School
7 Strategies for Improving Your School

Ronald Williamson, Barbara R. Blackburn

This book provides the busiest leaders with an accessible set of tools that can immediately be deployed to positively impact their school. Authors Ronald Williamson and Barbara R. Blackburn explore the COMPASS model—Culture; Ownership and Shared Vision; Managing Data; Professional Development; Advocacy; Shared Accountability; and Structures to Sustain Success—as an overall framework for school improvement. Chapters include in-depth discussions of easy-to-implement, useful strategies for improvement and address the most common concerns facing today’s school leaders. Supplemented with templates, charts, and other adaptable tools for ongoing, practical use, 7 Strategies for Improving Your School is your key guide to school improvement.

Published: 15th August 2019
ISBN: 9781138391482
Number Of Pages: 192

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Picture of the product75 Ways to be a Better Teacher Tomorrow
75 Ways to Be a Better Teacher Tomorrow :
With Less Stress and Quick Success : 1st Edition

Annette Breaux, Todd Whitaker

Highly effective teachers have something in common: They do simple things extraordinarily well—simple, uncomplicated things on a daily basis. In this new book by bestselling authors and presenters Annette Breaux and Todd Whitaker, you’ll learn the secrets of these tried-and-true techniques that will help to improve your teaching, your students’ learning, and your students’ behavior. Annette and Todd, who have years of experience working in schools across the globe, reveal 75 easily-implemented strategies that will improve teaching and instruction, classroom management, student motivation, student achievement, parent communication, and more--with no new programs! Each tip provides practical takeaways that can be used immediately and with remarkable success.

Annette Breaux (@AnnetteBreaux)is a well-known speaker and consultant in education today. She is a former classroom teacher, curriculum coordinator, and Teacher Induction Coordinator. She has written several bestsellers including 101 Answers for New Teachers and Their Mentors, Seven Simple Secrets: What the BEST Teachers Know and Do, and 50 Ways to Improve Student Behavior.

Todd Whitaker (@toddwhitaker) is a professor of educational leadership at the University of Missouri. He is a leading presenter in the field of education and has written more than 50 books including the national bestsellers What Great Teachers Do Differently and Your First Year: How to Survive and Thrive as a New Teacher, co-written with Madeline Whitaker and Katherine Whitaker.

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Picture of the productA Dialogic Teaching Companion
A Dialogic Teaching Companion

Robin Alexander

Building on Robin Alexander’s landmark Towards Dialogic Teaching, this book shows how and why the dialogic approach has a positive impact on student engagement and learning. It sets out the evidence, examines the underpinning ideas and issues, and offers guidance and resources for the planning, implementation and review of effective dialogic teaching in a wide range of educational settings.

Dialogic teaching harnesses the power of talk to engage students’ interest, stimulate their thinking, advance their understanding, expand their ideas and build and evaluate argument, empowering them for lifelong learning and for social and democratic engagement. Drawing on extensive published research as well as the high-profile, 5000-student trial and independent evaluation of Alexander’s distinctive approach to dialogic teaching in action, this book:

* Presents the case for treating talk as not merely incidental to teaching and learning but as an essential tool of education whose exploitation and development require understanding and skill;

* Explores questions of definition and conceptualisation in the realms of dialogue, argumentation and dialogic teaching, revealing the similarities and differences between the main approaches;

* Discusses evidence that has enriched the debate about classroom talk in relation to oracy, argumentation, student voice and philosophy for children as well as dialogic teaching itself;

* Identifies what it is about dialogic teaching that makes a difference to students’ thinking, learning and understanding;

* Presents the author’s rationale and framework for dialogic teaching, now completely revised and much expanded;

* Proposes a professional development strategy for making dialogic teaching happen which, like the framework, has been successfully trialled in schools;

* Lists resources from others working in the field to support further study and development;

* Includes an extensive bibliography.

Robin Alexander’s A Dialogic Teaching Companion, like its popular predecessor Towards Dialogic Teaching, aims to support the work of all those who are interested in the quality of teaching and learning, but especially trainee and serving teachers, teacher educators, school leaders and researchers.

236 Pages | Pbk | Published March 2020

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Discounted member price: 40.00

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Picture of the productAchieving Equity and Excellence
Achieving Equity and Excellence :
Immediate Results from the Lessons of High-Poverty, High-Success Schools

Douglas Reeves

Achieve high performance for all in your school. In Achieving Equity and Excellence, author Douglas Reeves outlines how to make dramatic improvements to student learning, behavior, and attendance in a single semester. Study the mindset of high-poverty, high-success schools and follow their example to implement the equitable and just practices necessary to make student success a sustainable reality.

Use this resource to empower students, teachers, and administrators:

* Study the landmark research on the practices of high-performing, high-poverty schools, and discover updated research showing how these results can be applied.

* Discover what high-poverty schools do differently to achieve high performance, and learn how to implement these strategies in your classroom.

* Transform any school into an effective and productive school through learner-centered teaching.

* Learn the importance of action during the change process and why action must come before belief to implement equitable teaching practices.

* Explore effective accountability systems, the different levels of accountability, and how these systems should be implemented to meet the needs of diverse learners.

ISBN: 9781760569976
No of Pages: 196
Publish Date: 06 April 2020

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Picture of the productActivate
Deeper Learning Through Movement, Talk, and Flexible Classrooms

Katherine Mills Hernandez

Discover what happens when your students step out of their daily routines and activate their engagement. Author Katherine Mills Hernandez argues that movement, talk and the physical environment of the classroom all contribute to and influence students’ learning. The ideas in Activate will help you create a classroom optimised for deeper engagement and lasting learning.

No matter what subject you teach, Katherine invites you to shift your attention from what you are doing in the classroom, to what your students are doing as the catalyst for learning. She provides insights into instruction through real classroom lessons as she gives you the tools to better assess your students’ engagement and energy levels. The book describes practical ways to incorporate movement into the classroom routine, based on research on how an active brain generates true learning.

Katherine welcomes you into her own classroom by sharing vignettes from lessons and activities, opening up the pages of her own learning journal, sharing pictures from her classroom and examples of classroom charts. She also provides a comprehensive bibliography on the research behind the science of movement and talk and how they affect learning.

182 Pages | Pbk

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Picture of the productAdaptive Schools Foundation Seminar Guide
Adaptive Schools Foundation Seminar Learning Guide : Third Revised Edition

Bruce Wellman, Robert Garmston

For schools to effectively respond to the press for accountability and provide quality learning for all students, they must simultaneously address two perennial goals. One goal is the professional development of individual educators. The second is the development of the organisation’s capacity to learn and be adaptive. Both build the capacity for school improvement, without which reform efforts will fail.

This Learning Guide is intended as a resource to be used in the Adaptive Schools Foundation Seminar, and in follow up sessions. The Learning Guide is organised generally in the chronological sequence of a seminar.

The Guide is based upon the previous five editions of the Adaptive Schools Syllabus, created by Robert Garmston and Bruce Wellman. The Learning Guide is grounded in the text, The Adaptive School: A Sourcebook for Developing Collaborative Groups, and cross-references to the Sourcebook are made throughout this Guide.

In addition to matching the Learning Guide’s contents to the flow of seminar days, this Learning Guide provides ample space for your notetaking and journalling. The purpose is to make this work your own, adapting it to your own work environments.

Designed to support administrators, teachers, department and regional personnel and staff developers who convene and manage professional learning teams and leadership teams.
Code: CFAS9747
ISBN: 9781760569747
No of Pages: 126
Publish Date: 02 September 2019

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Picture of the productAmbitious Instruction
Ambitious Instruction :
Teaching with Rigor in the Secondary Classroom

Brad Cawn

Ambitious Instruction: Teaching With Rigor in the Secondary Classroom offers a blueprint for how to use rigour to reinvigorate daily learning and instruction. Author Brad Cawn makes rigor visible, accessible and actionable to readers so that all grade 6–12 students will have opportunities to engage in meaningful intellectual work across the disciplines. By infusing the tenets of problem-based learning and synthesis into lessons, secondary teachers develop teaching and learning practices to teach not only with rigour but for rigour, jump-starting students’ success.

Readers will:

* develop a working understanding of rigour that will serve as the basis for instructional excellence
* study both academic and instructional rigour, including their unique qualities and implications for instruction
* become familiar with actionable strategies to develop and increase rigour in the classroom
* learn the importance of talk in supporting rigour in the classroom
improve students’ college and career readiness.

194 Pages | Pbk | Published April 2020

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Picture of the productAn Educator's Guide to Schoolwide Positive Behavioral ...
An Educator's Guide to Schoolwide Positive Behavioral Inteventions and Supports: Integrating All Three Tiers

by Jason E Harlacher

By implementing schoolwide positive behavioral interventions and supports (SWPBIS), K-12 educators can create an encouraging, productive school culture.

This title introduces readers to the comprehensive SWPBIS framework and explores the key elements of its three tiers of support. Learn about the authors' personal experiences in applying positive behavior support strategies and explore practical examples of what the elements and tiers of this model look like in practice.

Learn how to implement PBIS strategies in schools:

- Understand the structure of the SWPBIS framework and its four key elements.
- Read testimonials from principals and teachers whose schools have created positive school climates using a positive behavior support plan.
- Learn why decision making in an SWPBIS framework relies on data and how school teams can ensure they use their data accurately to target suitable solutions.
- Gain specific steps and a general timeline you can use to start implementing SWPBIS.
- Examine example scenarios and two thorough case examples of how elementary and secondary schools have adopted and maintained SWPBIS structures.

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Schoolwide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports
Chapter 2: Tier One
Chapter 3: Tier Two
Chapter 4: Tier Three
Chapter 5: SWPBIS Into Action
Chapter 6: Case Examples of Schools Using SWPBIS
Appendix A
Appendix B
References and Resources

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