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Picture of the productAsking Better Questions
Authors - Norah Morgan & Juliana Saxton

How do we help students make sense of our increasingly complex digital world? The 3rd edition of this classic text shows teachers how to empower students with the skills they need to ask critical and reflective questions about the overwhelming amount of information around them.

Asking Better Questions offers comprehensive tools and strategies to promote critical thinking and discussion in the classroom and encourage engaged and empathetic listening. Stimulating activities throughout the book promote lifelong inquiry skills that will help teachers and students grow in the classroom and explore broader issues in the community beyond. Designed to stretch curiosity and learning in your classroom, this practical book supports:

thoughtful reasoning and reflection

positive and effective response to the challenge of the digital world

a safe and stimulating classroom community of inquiry

empathetic awareness within diverse classrooms.

This remarkable book encourages teachers to challenge students to assume a deeper ownership of their learning, ask questions that are important to them and care about the answers.

Code: PBP8320
ISBN: 9781760568320
No of Pages: 128
Publish Date: 18 October 2018

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Discounted member price: 34.95

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Picture of the productBecoming an Achiever: A Student Guide (Revised and expanded
Becoming an Achiever: A Student Guide (Revised and expanded edition)

Author - Carolyn Coil

You probably know kids at your school who seem to succeed at everything. They always get A's, always know the answer in class, and always get the awards at the end of the school year. Not everyone can succeed at everything, but everyone can become an achiever! There are no secret formulas. It takes some work on your part. The choice is yours. But if you are willing to try, this book will show you how. Discover the seven steps to Becoming an Achiever: Self-confidence, Goal setting, Motivation, Time management and organisation, Study skills, Tests and other assessments, and Dealing with 'The System'.

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Picture of the productChallenging Minds: Enrichment for Able Adolescents
Author - Lynne Kelly

Would you like your students to be so enthusiastic about the tasks you set that they ask for more? Are you looking for teaching materials containing mind-stretching activities that are interdisciplinary, empower students, encourage independence and do all this with good-humoured grace? Challenging Minds is a thought-provoking, intriguing and tantalising collection of mind stretching challenges for able adolescents that offers all these things.

Each of the fourteen activities involves the highest levels of thinking in Bloom's Revised Taxonomy: Analysing, Creating and/or Evaluating. Metacognition (awareness of one's own thinking) is emphasised throughout. By reflecting on their processing and the success or failure of their strategies, students are empowered to become better thinkers. Rather than focusing on what to learn, the emphasis is on how to learn, helping students develop the tools needed to function successfully in the information age.

Each challenge poses a problem and asks students to formulate a response. All tasks are open in nature and permit a variety of approaches as well as a variety of final reports. For each challenge, there is a guideline to tackling the challenge, and a set of teacher notes. From Challenge 2 onwards, there is a component asking students to consider their own thought processes. This section is headed 'Thinking About Thinking'.

Challenging Minds is the perfect enrichment course for able and advanced students, exposing them to cross-curricular, context-based activities that would not be experienced in the usual subject-based curriculum. It's an ideal way to engage and stimulate your gifted students!

ISBN: 9781864011869
No of Pages: 164
Publish Date: 15 April 2013

Regular price: 40.00
Discounted member price: 37.00

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Picture of the productCounseling Gifted Students: A Guide for School Counselors
by Susannah Wood and Jean Peterson

Goes beyond academic considerations to address career development and social/emotional concerns.

Created to fill a gap in both counselor education and gifted education, this is the only up-to-date text to provide a concise and practical overview of counseling services designed specifically for gifted and talented students. Grounded in the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model for counseling programs, the book illuminates specific knowledge, awareness, and skills school counselors need to address concerns related not only to academics, but also to social and emotional development of this population.

The text delivers a theoretical and practical overview of gifted and talented education in the US and the responsibilities of school counselors as they pertain to this unique population. Going well beyond the common call to provide academic challenge, the book considers special characteristics of gifted and talented students as it examines the complexities of career development, college readiness, and concerns related to social/emotional development. It discusses how counselors can advocate for gifted students, lead efforts to match programming and needs, and collaborate with school staff and families. Vignettes depicting critical incidents and epitomizing needs are used to illuminate differentiated counseling approaches that support this student population. Each chapter highlights a key concept, and curriculum guidelines and resources for professional development support the text.

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Picture of the productCurriculum Planning & Instructional Design Gifted Learners
Curriculum Planning and Instructional Design for Gifted Learners :
3rd Edition

Joyce VanTassel-Baska, Ariel Baska

This book, in its third edition, provides practitioners at local and state levels a guide to designing curriculum for the gifted at any level of learning and in any subject area. It addresses the need to differentiate at all levels in the design process, from goals through assessment, and shows how to customise curriculum for advanced learners. Using national standards, such as the Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards, as the point of departure for design, the authors demonstrate how the differentiation process works and provide products to illustrate its application to curriculum in math, science, social studies and English-language arts. Special-needs gifted learners, such as those who are twice-exceptional, second-language learners, students from poverty and minority students are included as a group for further differentiation and customisation of curriculum and instruction. The book may also be used to provide a curriculum guide for teachers in a master’s program in gifted education or those taking endorsement classes.

Code: PRU1161
ISBN: 9781760941161
No of Pages: 300
Publish Date: 24 April 2020

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Picture of the productDifferentiation and the Inclusive Classroom: With a Focus on
Differentiation and the Inclusive Classroom: With a Focus on Infusing High-Order Thinking

Author - Michael Pohl

Differentiation may imply many different things to different people in varying contexts. In an inclusive classroom, what students learn may vary; what students do may vary; how they may show understanding may vary; and, finally, how students are assessed may vary.

This book seeks to clarify how teachers may create a positive learning environment for all by providing appropriate levels of challenge for all students and allowing various ways for students to demonstrate understanding. Terminology such as differentiation, inclusive practices, complex thinking tasks and classroom culture of thinking are discussed and clarified. A learning environment is described that provides for challenge, allows for differences and is inclusive of the needs of students that vary in terms of their abilities, strengths, limitations, interests and preferred ways of learning.

Collectively, this book provides a comprehensive overview of how teachers go about creating inclusive classrooms, plan differentiated learning activities, program with a thinking focus and infuse high-order thinking into lesson materials.

Code: HB3481
ISBN: 9781743303481
No of Pages: 106
Publish Date: 13 June 2012

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Discounted member price: 23.00

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Picture of the productEstablishing Pathways to Inclusion
Establishing Pathways to Inclusion
Investigating the Experiences and Outcomes for Students with Special Educational Needs
By Richard Rose, Michael Shevlin

ISBN 9781138290365
Published February 16, 2021 by Routledge
208 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations

Providing a robust understanding of what really works for educators and pupils alike, this book shows how inclusive practices function effectively in schools. Rose and Shevlin identify key factors which can influence successful inclusive practice and examine how schools can establish and implement an agenda for change.

Using a framework for analysing and understanding how students become effective social learners, this book guides readers through sections on context, observed experiences, and the factors for success they highlight, covering topics such as:

The respective attitudes of students, caregivers and teachers
Insights from support staff and school leaders
The social and academic outcomes for pupils with special educational needs

Lessons learned from inclusive practices
Ideal for researchers, lecturers, and advanced students in the field of inclusive education, Establishing Pathways to Inclusion is an important contribution from leading researchers in this vital field of study.

ISBN 9781138290365
Published February 16, 2021 by Routledge
208 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations


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Picture of the productExploring Gifted Education
Exploring Gifted Education: Australian and New Zealand Perspectives

by Jennifer L. Jolly & Jane M. Jarvis

Exploring Gifted Education focuses on the most fundamental and pressing topics in gifted education from across Australian and New Zealand contexts and gives particular attention to evidence-based practices and research findings.

The wide variety of topics presented include: identification of gifted learners, creativity, twice-exceptional learners, affective considerations, teaching the gifted, curriculum considerations, programs and services, STEM, early childhood learners, rural and remote contexts, and parents of gifted learners. Each chapter provides guiding questions and key ideas to help orient the reader, and discussion questions synthesise the chapter’s concepts at the conclusion.

The first book of its kind to synthesise research-based findings in gifted education from across New Zealand and Australia, it is an essential reference tool for researchers and a key text for courses in gifted education. Practitioners and parents will also find the assembled research illuminating and informative in understanding and addressing the needs of gifted learners.

Introduction Jane M. Jarvis and Jennifer L. Jolly

Chapter 1. Framing Gifted Education in Australia and New Zealand Roger Moltzen, Jennifer L. Jolly, and Jane M. Jarvis

Chapter 2. Identification of Gifted and Twice-Exceptional Students Jae Yup Jung and Peta Hay

Chapter 3. Creativity and Giftedness Peter Merrotsy

Chapter 4. Gifted Students With Disability: Twice Exceptional Learners Trevor Clark and Catherine Wormald

Chapter 5. Supporting the Affective Needs of Gifted Learners Janna Wardman

Chapter 6. Cultivating Teachers to Work With Gifted Students Leonie Kronborg

Chapter 7. Designing and Adapting Curriculum for Academically Gifted Students Jane M. Jarvis

Chapter 8. School Programs and Strategies for Gifted Learners Lesley Henderson and Tracy Riley

Chapter 9. Giftedness in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics James J. Watters

Chapter 10 Early Childhood Environments and Education Kerry Hodge and Anne Grant

Chapter 11. Gifted Students in Rural and Remote Settings Margaret Plunkett

Chapter 12. Parents and Gifted and Talented Children Jennifer L. Jolly

Chapter 13. Gifted Education in Australia and New Zealand: Reflections and Future Directions Jane M. Jarvis, Jennifer L. Jolly, and Roger Moltzen

Regular price: 70.00
Discounted member price: 65.00

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Picture of the productGifted Education and Gifted Students
Gifted Education and Gifted Students :
A Guide for Inservice and Preservice Teachers

Jacque Melin, Kelly C. Margot

Although most teacher education programs offer classes on special education and English language learners, teachers often do not receive any training in the needs of high-ability students or gifted education practices. This book prepares inservice and preservice teachers to educate high-ability students by informing them of best practices and research. Each chapter opens with a driving question and a list of learning targets related to various topics, including key philosophies, theories and models; educational factors that enhance or inhibit talent development; characteristics of advanced learners; and the role of culture, ethnicity and language in the identification process. These learning targets are addressed through a combination of research and practical strategies, as well as a selection of activities to check for teacher understanding. This concise, user-friendly resource is perfect for both individual and collaborative learning, providing future teachers with everything they need to meet the needs of advanced learners.

88 Pages | Pbk | Published April 2020

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Picture of the productGifted Students in the School Context

Gifted Students in the School Context: An Introductory Guide for Educators

This book is designed to help you better understand the specific learning needs of students with exceptional potential or who demonstrate abilities well beyond those of their peers - the gifted student. It aims to provide important information for teachers and leaders with limited knowledge or experience with gifted students. The book opens with changing views about what it means to be gifted, and goes on to explore a range of observable behaviours and characteristics. Gifted Students in the School Context argues that providing the appropriate level of challenge for gifted students does more than anything else in inspiring them to reach their true potential. The book is dedicated to exploring ways to provide this essential ingredient in the learning environment for our gifted students.

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