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Picture of the productAutism Spectrum Disorder Assessment in Schools
Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment in Schools
1st Edition

Laura Dilly, Christine Hall

Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment in Schools serves as a guide on how to assess children for autism spectrum disorders (ASD), specifically in school settings. Dilly and Hall offer a general overview of ASD, describe ASD assessment best practices, and explain the process of identifying ASD in schools. Current research and up-to-date science is incorporated in a practitioner-friendly manner, and short case vignettes will increase the accessibility of the book content and illustrate principles. As the rates of ASD reach 1/59 children, and school psychologists are increasingly expected to possess expertise in the assessment of ASD, this book serves as a must have for school psychologists, school social workers, and other practitioners.

Laura J. Dilly, PhD, NCSP, ABPP is a Training Program Manager at the Marcus Autism Center at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and an adjunct faculty member at the Emory School of Medicine. Prior to joining the Marcus Autism Center, Dr. Dilly worked in the public schools for a decade in roles including lead school psychologist and training coordinator. As both a certified school psychologist and licensed psychologist, Dr. Dilly bridges the worlds of school-based and medically-based psychological services for children. She serves on the Board of Directors of the Georgia Psychological Association as the President Elect.

Christine M. Hall, PhD, is the former director of Clinical and Assessment and Diagnosis at the Marcus Autism Center. She currently maintains a private practice and works in the developmental neurology clinic at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. She is a clinical psychologist with extensive experience and expertise in early childhood and developmental disorders.

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Picture of the productCase Studies on Diversity and Social Justice Education: 2ed
Case Studies on Diversity and Social Justice Education: 2nd Edition

by Paul C. Gorski, Seema G. Pothini

Case Studies on Diversity and Social Justice Education offers pre- and in-service educators an opportunity to analyze and reflect upon a variety of realistic case studies related to educational equity and social justice. The accessibly written cases allow educators to practice the process of considering a range of contextual factors, checking their own biases, and making immediate- and longer-term decisions about how to create and sustain equitable learning environments for all students. This revised edition adds ten new cases to offer greater coverage of elementary education, as well as topics such as body-shaming, Black Lives Matter, and transgender oppression. Existing cases have been updated to reflect new societal contexts, and streamlined for ease-of-use.

The book begins with a seven-point process for examining case studies. Largely lacking from existing case study collections, this framework guides readers through the process of identifying, examining, reflecting on, and taking concrete steps to resolve challenges related to diversity and equity in schools. The cases themselves present everyday examples of the ways in which racism, sexism, homophobia and heterosexism, class inequities, language bias, religious-based oppression, and other equity and diversity concerns affect students, teachers, families, and other members of our school communities. They involve classroom issues that are relevant to all grade levels and content areas, allowing significant flexibility in how and with whom they are used. Although organized topically, the intersections of these issues are stressed throughout the cases, reflecting the complexities of real-life scenarios. All cases conclude with a series of questions to guide discussion and a section of facilitator notes, called ‘Points for Consideration.’ This unique feature provides valuable insight for understanding the complexities of each case.

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Picture of the productCourageous Conversations About Race: A Field Guide for Achie
Courageous Conversations About Race: A Field Guide for Achieving Equity in Schools 2ed

Author - Glenn E Singleton

Create a systemwide plan for transforming the district office, schools, and classrooms into places that truly support ALL students achieving their highest levels!

This updated edition of the highly acclaimed bestseller continues to explain the need for candid, courageous conversations about race so that educators may understand why student disengagement and achievement inequality persists and learn how they can develop a curriculum that promotes true educational equity and excellence. Almost a decade since its original publication, the revised book includes new features as well as preserves the core content that led to many schools’ and districts’ success.

•NEW! Courageous Conversation Compass
•NEW! Racial autobiographies, offering more focused and relevant voices from a diverse group of skilled Courageous Conversation practitioners
•NEW! Case study on St. Paul Public Schools, a district that has stayed on track with Courageous Conversations and successfully implemented the Systemic Racial Equity Transformation Framework
•NEW! Links to video segments featuring the author describing different aspects of the work
•UPDATED! Implementation exercises
•UPDATED! Activities and checklists for school and district leaders
•UPDATED! Action steps for creating an effective equity team

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Picture of the productCultural Literacy for the Common Core: Six Steps to Powerful
Cultural Literacy for the Common Core: Six Steps to Powerful, practical Instruction for All Learners

by Bonnie M. Davis

Cultural Literacy for the Common Core: Six Steps to Powerful, Practical Instruction for All Learners helps educators inspire deep, thoughtful, and unbiased thinking in their students as they engage in rigorous, complex learning as outlined in the Common Core State Standards.

Using accounts from real educators in diverse school districts, author Bonnie M. Davis describes how educators can take a cultural literacy journey to become culturally literate and embed culturally responsive instructional strategies within their teaching practice. The six-step framework complements the Common Core and encourages students to be at the center of learning in increasingly diverse 21st century classrooms.

Learn how to:
- Create positive teacher-student relationships by giving students visibility and honouring their voices

- Build and sustain positive relationships through collaborative conversations

- Use research-proven, high yield culturally literate strategies in the classroom

- Engage students in culturally-responsive, standards-based lessons that align with the Common Core

- Use culturally responsive instruction to guide student thinking and support lesson planning

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Picture of the productCulturally Responsive Teaching and The Brain
Culturally Responsive Teaching and The Brain

Promoting Authentic Engagement and Rigor Among Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students

By: Zaretta L. Hammond

A bold, brain-based teaching approach to culturally responsive instruction

To close the achievement gap, diverse classrooms need a proven framework for optimizing student engagement. Culturally responsive instruction has shown promise, but many teachers have struggled with its implementation - until now.

In this book, Zaretta Hammond draws on cutting-edge neuroscience research to offer an innovative approach for designing and implementing brain-compatible culturally responsive instruction.

The book includes:

Information on how one's culture programs the brain to process data and affects learning relationships

Ten "key moves" to build students'; learner operating systems and prepare them to become independent learners
Prompts for action and valuable self-reflection

Published: 1st December 2014
ISBN: 9781483308012
Number Of Pages: 192

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Picture of the productDifferentiation for Gifted Learners
Differentiation for Gifted Learners:
Going Beyond the Basics, Revised & Updated Edition

Diane Heacox, Richard M. Cash

Differentiation for gifted learners must go beyond adjusting content levels, task complexity or product choice – it must truly challenge and support learners in all areas, academic and affective. Now a classic in the field of gifted education, "the red book" connects the unique needs and differences among gifted students to the specific teaching methods used to tailor their learning experiences. The revised edition includes expansive new content on:

* teaching twice-exceptional learners and students from historically underserved populations

* gifted brain development and learning orientations

* aligning instruction with programs, standards and initiatives

* scholarly questioning, ethics and empathy

* effective co-teaching and partnering

* underachievement and "underlearning"

* benefits of coaching and lesson study

* grading gifted learners.

ISBN: 9781760940140
No of pages: 262
Publish Date: 06 December 2019

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Picture of the productDiversities in Education
Diversities in Education: Effective ways to reach all learners

by David Mitchell

Diversities in Education is a challenging text that will help educators, teacher educators and trainee teachers to be more effective in teaching a range of diverse learners. It covers five major categories of difference: sex and gender; social class and socio-economic status; race, ethnicity and culture; beliefs and religion; and different abilities and asks the urgent questions all policy-makers, educators and students should consider:

Why should we value diversity and human rights?

How can inclusive education accommodate diversity?

How do society’s aspirations for cohesion and harmony impact on people who are different?

What meanings are given to differences, culturally and historically?

Should educators seek to accentuate, eliminate, reduce or ignore differences?

By drawing attention to the latest research into the most effective educational policies and practices, this insightful book suggests strategies for meeting the challenges being posed in an era of superdiversity. It’s a crucial read for any training or practising educator who wants to address the issue of diversity, learn effective ways to reach all learners and create more inclusive and harmonious societies.

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Picture of the productDyslexia: Revisiting Etiology,Diagnosis, Treatment, & Policy
Dyslexia: Revisiting Etiology, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Policy

Julie A. Washington, Donald L. Compton and Peggy McCardle

How do children develop reading skills - and when these skills don't develop typically, how can we best identify challenges and intervene? Find the answers in this comprehensive volume on dyslexia: its root causes, the most effective methods of diagnosis and treatment, and the sociopolitical factors that affect intervention.

Based on presentations from the seventeenth Extraordinary Brain Symposium, this book brings together contributions from more than 50 top researchers and practitioners, who share their invaluable perspectives, findings, solutions, and questions to shape future dyslexia research.

An essential resource for researchers, graduate students, and reading specialists, this book is an authoritative synthesis of what we know about dyslexia - and what we need to know to provide better supports for struggling readers.

320 Pages

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Picture of the productEducation for Inclusion and Diversity
Education for Inclusion and Diversity : 6th edition

Adrian Ashman : Editor

The only Australian inclusive education text that directly applies key theories to classroom practices through problem based/inquiry based learning.

This product provides readers with a comprehensive overview of the context, the fundamentals, and practices of teaching in contemporary Australian schools in which inclusion is an overarching and guiding principle. Inclusion, in this context, covers students who are of above average ability, recent arrivals from other countries, those with an intellectual disability, autism, vision impairment, and with specific literacy and numeracy needs.

It is both a source book and practical guide that systematically introduces the concept of inclusion, practical teaching methods, and strategies to ensure that the learning needs of all students at every level of schooling are identified and accommodated.

Additionally, this product

* Has respected and updated/current content, mapped to industry standards delivered in a range of customisable formats and affordable price points.
* Is part of a connected collection of Education titles offering a suite of resources across an Education degree in a consistent format and style.
Can be used across all levels of undergraduate and postgraduate (Masters) Education courses, for schools of early childhood, primary and secondary education.
* Is mapped to the Australian Professional Standards for Graduate Teachers by AITSL.

430 Pages | Pbk | Published October 2018

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Picture of the productGirls and Autism
Girls and Autism :
Educational, Family and Personal Perspectives

Edited by Barry Carpenter, Francesca Happé, Jo Egerton

Often thought of as a predominantly ‘male’ disorder, autism has long gone unidentified, unnoticed and unsupported in girls – sometimes with devastating consequences for their social and mental well-being. As current research reveals a much more balanced male-to-female ratio in autism, this book provides crucial insight into autistic girls’ experiences, helping professionals to recognize, understand, support and teach them effectively.

Drawing on the latest research findings, chapters consider why girls have historically been overlooked by traditional diagnostic approaches, identifying behaviours that may be particular to girls, and exploring the ‘camouflaging’ that can make the diagnosis of autistic girls more difficult. Chapters emphasize both the challenges and advantages of autism and take a multidisciplinary approach to encompass contributions from autistic girls and women, their family members, teachers, psychologists and other professionals. The result is an invaluable source of first-hand insights, knowledge and strategies, which will enable those living or working with girls on the autism spectrum to provide more informed and effective support.

Giving voice to the experiences, concerns, needs and hopes of girls on the autism spectrum, this much-needed text will provide parents, teachers and other professionals with essential information to help them support and teach autistic girls more effectively.

194 Pages | Pbk

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