Concept-Based Instruction
Concept-Based Instruction
Concept-Based Instruction :
Building Curriculum With Depth and Complexity

Brian E. Scott

Teachers and curriculum specialists are exposed to many ideas from educational leaders, but it is difficult to know which ones can be transformed into meaningful learning experiences in the classroom. In Concept-Based Instruction, readers will learn how to use the works of educational leaders to create cohesive, engaging, challenging and interwoven units of study in the areas of writing, literature, reading, social studies and science. The book features six overarching concepts that draw from the works of leading educational thinkers, including Lynn Erickson, Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Carol Ann Tomlinson, Jay McTighe, Grant Wiggins, Benjamin Bloom and John Hattie. Readers will learn how to create practical and organised units that inspire student thinking, discussion, conversation and written assignments, as well as use levels of questioning and task complexity based on various forms of assessments and demonstrated readiness. The book also includes helpful examples of units to guide teachers and curriculum specialists as they design units of study.

146 Pages | April 2020
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