Every Math Learner, Grades K-5
Every Math Learner, Grades K-5
Every Math Learner, Grades K-5: A Doable Approach to Teaching With Learning Differences in Mind Nanci Smith For busy classroom teachers, this theory-lite and practice-heavy book makes manageable the process of differentiating mathematics instruction to maximize each student’s learning potential, ultimately leading to improved test scores. Features and Benefits: • provides practical structures for assessing how students learn and manage the information; • shows teachers how to design, implement, manage, and formatively assess and respond to learning in a differentiated classroom; • can be used by individual teachers to plan their own lessons and activities, within teacher teams to help guide differentiated tasks and assessments, and by coaches and mentors to focus on specific strategies that guide teachers in their own growth and goal setting; • can be used to adjust materials and program resources teachers already use to better meet their students’ needs; • mathematical topics are reinforced so that this book will work for any state standards.
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