Ready-to-Go Instructional Strategies...
Ready-to-Go Instructional Strategies...
Ready-to-Go Instructional Strategies That Build Collaboration, Communication, and Critical Thinking

Denise White and Alisa Braddy

As education consultants, the authors have been delivering professional development for many years. After every presentation, training, or instructional coaching session, someone approaches them and asks, “Is there a book where I can find all the instructional strategies you used?” The strategies in this book make lessons more engaging and student-centered. The techniques are easy to use and explained step-by-step. The book also includes a matrix listing all the strategies and what they are used for.

There are vignettes and reflection questions at the end of each chapter to challenge teachers’ thinking and push them to take action. The strategies in each chapter can be used to design lessons from scratch or to enhance even the most scripted program.
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