Teacher Voice: Amplifying Success
Teacher Voice: Amplifying Success
Authors - Russell Quaglia and Lisa Kinnaman

Teacher Voice: Amplifying Success introduces the concept of teacher voice providing a grounded theoretical infused with data from the National Teacher Voice Report. Each chapter contains a short self-reflective section. Also, each chapter will also have concrete ideas with clear implementation strategies. In addition, there are short interviews with teachers that bring to life the theme for each of the chapters.

1. The Importance of Teacher Voice

What has happened to teacher voice over the years

School Voice: Connecting the voices of students, teachers, principals, parents

Potential impact teacher voice has on learning

Being a professional

2. Introduce Teacher Voice Readiness Model

Personal Readiness

Organizational Readiness

3. Types of Teacher Voice

Loud voice, always talking but saying nothing;

Useful voice, thoughtful;

No voice

Knowing how to use your voice in meaningful ways

4. Using Teacher Voice to Influence the School Community





5. Amplifying Teacher Voice Through Technology

6. Using Teacher Voice to Inspire Learning
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