Student Voice: The Instrument of Change
Student Voice: The Instrument of Change
by Russell Quaglia and Michael J Corso

Students are not the problem in our schools—they are the potential.

Students should be central to any educational reform agenda. Student Voice shows how you can achieve this with the Listen, Learn, and Lead approach: ask young people their thoughts and truly listen, learn from what students say, and utilize what you learn to be an effective leader of change.

Incorporating data from over one million students, this book is designed to share the truth of what students think about school with educators who want to make a difference. It will prompt you to reflect upon your own experience and expertise and prepare you to lead with the knowledge that your students can and will want to join you. It is time for student voice to take us on a new journey.

Part 1: Listening we present the Aspirations Framework that has emerged from listening to students.

In order to truly teach our students, we must be willing learn from them. Only they can tell us where they would like their journey to take them beyond school, and that is essential information if we are to do the important work of successfully inspiring and equipping them for what lies ahead. By inviting and encouraging their voices, and being open to what they have to say, educators create a community of collaborative learners.

In Part 2: Learning we share what we have come to understand about the principles and conditions that support students' aspirations, based on what students have told us about their experiences in school.

In Part 3: Leading, we discuss how, given the present circumstances in education, we can move forward in partnership with students. Whatever the past (Open Class Room, Back to Basics, Ed Reform, etc.) or future (twenty-first century skills, online learning, flipped classrooms, blended instruction, etc.), we know we will not get there in our father's Oldsmobile! We need a hybrid, one that keeps the best of what has fueled effective education until now and combines it with the energy and enthusiasm of our students' hopes and dreams.
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