Everyday Courage for School Leaders
Everyday Courage for School Leaders
by Cathy Lassiter

Have you ever wondered how or where you find the inner strength and determination to stand up and lead fellow administrators, teachers, or students to meet ever-changing expectations?

Courage is a “must have” for effective leadership. Everyday Courage guides readers to develop Leadership Courage from within and become exceptional and resilient. In addition to expanding instructional leadership, practical elements and features include:
• How to Take Action: make specific plans to activate moral courage, intellectual courage, empathetic courage, and disciplined courage
• Daily Practices: exercises in accountability, trust, and risk-taking maintain courageous leadership for equity, excellence, and inclusion
• Courage Quotient: assess and consider your areas of strength and opportunities for growth through deliberate practice

Whether you are new to leadership or seeking revitalization, Cathy Lassiter’s experience in all levels of educational management will focus you toward leading from a courageous mindset.
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