Using Feedback to Improve Learning
Using Feedback to Improve Learning
by Maria Araceli Ruiz-Primo & Susan M. Brookhart

Despite feedback‘s demonstratively positive effects on student performance, research on the specific components of successful feedback practice is in short supply.

In Using Feedback to Improve Learning, Ruiz-Primo and Brookhart offer critical characteristics of feedback strategies to affirm classroom feedback’s positive effect on student learning. The book provides pre- and in-service teachers as well as educational researchers with empirically supported techniques for using feedback as a part of formative assessment in the classroom.

1. Formative Assessment and Feedback in the Classroom

2. Feedback, Goals of Learning, and Criteria for Success

3. Characteristics of Effective Feedback: Comments and Instructional Moves

4. Implementing Effective Feedback: Some Challenges and Some Solutions

5. Feedback Here, There, and Everywhere

6. Improving Classroom Feedback
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