2017 Educational Leadership Conference Books

ACEL’s National Conference books are now available in the ACEL Online Shop!

The bookshop at the ACEL’s National Conference themed: Respect the Past, Lead the Present, Secure the Future, brought together current research books which provides educators an opportunity to reflect on leadership, management and practice in various contexts in which our children are educated. The books in this category bring together both national and international leaders who are involved in developing and implementing policies, research and practice in the education sector. Some of the titles share the journey of ordinary people who have been tested to show their courage and hope to do extraordinary things, which sheds light on the present and a chance and a challenge to change the future for the better.

These books will be an asset to those who want to have a deeper understanding of the issues that surround daily practices of teaching and management in the education sector, and how it affects the learning years of all children which is not just limited to the four walls of the classroom but at a broader level of home and community.

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