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Leader : Know, Love and Inspire Your People
Leader : Know, Love and Inspire Your People
Leader: Know, Love and Inspire Your People

Katy Granville-Chapman and Emmie Bidston

Practical, evidence-based and optimistic, Leader will inspire leaders in any setting to lead through service and empower them with the tools to help their team flourish.

In this wide-ranging book, Katy Granville-Chapman and Emmie Bidston eloquently combine up-to-date research in psychology and neuroscience with inspiring examples of success to show that leadership can be learnt and that it is all about looking after your people.

The book takes you on a journey to meet a diverse selection of great leaders from multiple different spheres – from the sports field to the corporate world. Katy and Emmie talk you through how all of these effective leaders have become great having mastered three key lessons: know your people, love your people, and inspire your people. These three principles form the core of the book, which also features a wide range of practical activities designed to help the reader reflect on both their own and their team’s points of action for future progress.

Features and benefits:

Includes inspiring examples of leaders who have made a significant impact in their organisations through putting the lessons of flourishing into practice.

Provides a range of activities for readers to complete, both on their own and with their teams, that have been shown to help everyone to flourish.

Explores how and why effective leaders outperform others – not just in terms of results, but, even more importantly, through the contributions they make to people’s lives.

Contends that leadership which focuses on the flourishing of people is not only intrinsically valuable but is also the most important factor in achieving success in any domain.

Market/audience: Suitable for both aspiring and established leaders looking to help their teams flourish.

250 Pages | Pbk | Published May 2020
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Real Talk About Time Management
Real Talk About Time Management
Real Talk About Time Management : 35 Best Practices for Educators

Serena Pariser, Edward F. DeRoche

Gain more productive time in each day!

Real talk about managing time, reducing stress, and avoiding teacher burnout.

Effective time management skills transform teacher confidence and morale, energize and engage students, and improve the learning climate of a classroom for both you and your students.

Weaving wellness research with classroom-tested tips, Real Talk About Time Management helps you improve your classroom learning environment and your mental health.

It includes :

* 35 practical, teacher-proven strategies for saving time and setting personal boundaries

* Stories from educators about proactive time management adjustments that worked

* Your Turn questions that invite personal reflection and strategic planning

216 Pages | Pbk | Published May 2020
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Transforming Teamwork
Transforming Teamwork
Transforming Teamwork :
Cultivating Collaborative Cultures

Diane P. Zimmerman, Jim Roussin, Robert John Garmston

This book on teamwork is different from others in that instead of expecting a facilitator to be responsible for group success these authors posit that it is the individual group members who are critical for successful collaboration.

Teamwork isn't always productive. In some cases, collaboration can lead to group members feeling anxious, vulnerable, and distrustful of others. The way through this is to capacitate groups to structure thoughtful conversations that lead to better decision making for sustainable change. This book gives team members guidance on how to be effective (mindful) members who construct meaning, listen, are self-revealing, have social sensitivity, adhere to group norms, maintain awareness of group processes, and monitor group goals.

The focus of this book is on cultivating and sustaining generative groups where everyone takes an active role in determining the success or failure of the group's work.

280 Pages | Paperback | Published November 2019
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Brain-Based Learning
Brain-Based Learning
Brain-Based Learning :
Teaching the Way Students Really Learn : Third Edition

Eric P. Jensen, Liesl McConchie

Learn to teach like a pro and have fun, too!

The more you know about your students brains, the better you can be at your profession. Brain-based teaching boosts cognitive functioning and graduation rates, decreases discipline issues, and fosters the joy of learning. This innovative, new edition of the bestselling Brain-Based Learning by Eric Jensen and master teacher Liesl McConchie provides an up-to-date, evidence-based approach that reveals how the brain learns best. Based on neuroscience, biology and psychology research, it includes:

* Insights about the impact of relationships, senses, movement, and emotions on learning
* Strategies for creating high-quality learning environments
* Tools for motivating struggling students

240 Pages | Pbk | Published April 2020
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The Art and Science of Lesson Design
The Art and Science of Lesson Design
Art and Science of Lesson Design: Practical Approaches to Boosting Cognitive Rigor in the Classroom

John R. Walkup and Stephan Squire

The Cognitive Rigor Matrix superposes two of the most common tools used in K-12 education: Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy and Depth of Knowledge. This matrix has been adopted by numerous state departments of education and national organizations to evaluate the rigor of educational materials. The matrix also offers a powerful ability to help teachers plan and carry out standards-based lessons that best support student learning. This book provides a systematic means of leveraging the Rigor Cube to develop rigorous, standards-based lesson plans. The approach employed in this book includes the development of culminating activities for students to demonstrate their learning, identification of standards-based lesson content, selection of potentially effective instructional methods, and student questioning strategies. Special methods for supporting students who are deficient in their background knowledge without undermining the rigor of lessons are also included. Sample lessons are included that illustrate every step of the lesson planning process from start to finish. These sample lesson plans address state content standards related to the Common Core State Standards (both math and English language arts), Next Generation Science Standards, career-technical education standards, and art

170 Pages | Pbk | Published February 2020
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