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Visible Learning Insight + Feedback Exclusive Pack
Visible Learning Insight + Feedback Exclusive Pack
Visible Learning Insight + Feedback Exclusive Pack

Exclusive ACEL Visible Learning 2 Pack Featuring the new "Visible Learning Inights" plus the Bestseller Visible Learning Feedback

Visible Learning Insights

John Hattie, Klaus Zierer

Visible Learning Insights presents a fascinating ‘inside view’ of the ground-breaking research of John Hattie. Together, the authors John Hattie and Klaus Zierer embark on a mission to build on the internationally renowned work and combine the power and authority of the research with the real ‘coal face’ experience of schools.

Offering a concise introduction into the ‘Visible Learning Story’, the book provides busy teachers with a guide to why the Visible Learning research is so vital and the difference it can make to learning outcomes. It includes:

* An in-depth interview with John Hattie.
* Clearly structured chapters that focus on the core messages of ‘Visible * Learning’ and infer practical consequences for the everyday job of teaching.
* FAQs to Visible Learning that provide an invaluable introduction to the language of learning and success in schools.
* An overview of the current data set with over 1,400 meta analyses.

Intended for teachers, teacher students, education researchers, parents and all who are interested in successful learning, teaching, and schooling, this short and elegant introduction outlines just what is required to translate Hattie’s research into improved school performance.

Visible Learning Feedback

Feedback is arguably the most critical and powerful aspect of teaching and learning. Yet, there remains a paradox: why is feedback so powerful and why is it so variable? It is this paradox which Visible Learning: Feedback aims to unravel and resolve.

Combining research excellence, theory and vast teaching expertise, this book covers the principles and practicalities of feedback, including:

* the variability of feedback
* the importance of surface, deep and transfer contexts
* student to teacher feedback
* peer to peer feedback
* the power of within lesson feedback and manageable post-lesson feedback.

With numerous case-studies, examples and engaging anecdotes woven throughout, the authors also shed light on what creates an effective feedback culture and provide the teaching and learning structures which give the best possible framework for feedback.

Visible Learning: Feedback brings together two internationally known educators and merges Hattie’s world-famous research expertise with Clarke’s vast experience of classroom practice and application, making this book an essential resource for teachers in any setting, phase or country.
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From Teacher to Leader
From Teacher to Leader
From Teacher to Leader
Finding Your Way as a First-Time Leader-Without Losing Your Mind

Starr Sackstein

Amazing. Exciting. Terrifying.

Your first year as a school leader can be all those things at once. Emotions seem to swing from one end of the spectrum to the other and back again in a single hour, not to mention the school year. You miss the classroom even as you hope to make an impact on a larger scale. You wonder where you fit in now that you're one of them--a leader.

Whether you have already made the move into leadership or are wondering whether a role in administration is right for you, Starr Sackstein's insight in From Teacher to Leader will help you make the best decisions for yourself and those you serve. In this honest and practical guide, Sackstein prompts you to reflect as you stretch for personal and professional growth.

How do you know when you're ready to move into leadership?

What do you do when you miss being in the classroom?

How can you make sure you're leading well?

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed?

Leadership isn't easy, and being a first-time leader carries its own set of challenges. But with From Teacher to Leader, you'll be equipped to thrive in your new role.


"Starr Sackstein uses her usual raw honesty (which I happen to find refreshing) to help new leaders negotiate their way through the transition. This book is about more than our profession; it's about life."

--Peter DeWitt, EdD, author/consultant, Education Week, Finding Common Ground blog

"An excellent resource for any educator moving from the classroom into an administrative role. I highly recommend this well-written, important book."

--Jeffrey Zoul, EdD, author, speaker, leadership coach, and president of ConnectEDD

"New to the world of leadership? Buy this book today!"

--Brad Currie, 2017 NASSP National Assistant Principal of the Year
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Improving Student Behavior : The Success Diary Approach
Improving Student Behavior : The Success Diary Approach
Improving Student Behavior : The Success Diary Approach : 1st Edition

Ami Braverman

What if you could use a handpicked set of tools to help children redirect their classroom behavior from dysfunctional to positive? Improving Student Behavior: The Success Diary Approach is a step-by-step guide to promoting your students’ personal development. This book introduces The Success Diary, a novel, easy-to-use method for involving students in their own behavior modification plans. Designed by an experienced school psychologist, this guide consolidates approaches from various schools of behavioral intervention and integrates them into a streamlined, adaptable framework for teachers looking to engage with children’s unique personalities, skills, motivations, and support systems to create lasting behavioral change. Through these flexible, common-sense guidelines and activities, you can empower your students to participate in working towards better behaviors and healthy social-emotional development.

Ami Braverman, PhD, is an experienced School Psychologist and Behavior Intervention Specialist. He is the creator of Material, a back-to-basics self-help toolbox for teachers.

85 Pages | Pbk
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