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The Aspiring Principal
The Aspiring Principal
The Aspiring Principal 50: Critical Questions for New and Future School Leaders

Baruti K Kafele

So, you want to be a principal? Are you a new principal who could benefit from the wisdom of a successful four-time principal? Could you use help preparing for a school administrator job interview? Then this is the book for you.

In The Aspiring Principal 50, school leadership expert Baruti Kafele presents reflective questions aimed at assisting both new and aspiring school leaders as they work to become effective school leaders and consider making a leap to a leadership position, respectively. This book will help aspiring principals determine whether “The Principal” is truly who they want to be and help new principals grow and thrive in the principalship. Additionally, the book contains an entire chapter devoted to preparing for the school administrator job interview.

Kafele infuses the book from beginning to end with succinct advice on everything from remaining focused on the principal’s number one priority – student achievement – to addressing maintenance concerns, managing budget allocations and ensuring that the school’s website puts the school in the best possible light. With The Aspiring Principal 50, you can increase the likelihood that your tenure as principal will be a successful, beneficial and healthful one.

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TeamMakers : Positively Impacting the Lives of Children through
District-Wide Dreaming, Collaborating, and Change

Laura Robb, Evan Robb

Are Your Dreams Big Enough?

Dreams can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary! In TeamMakers, experienced educators Laura Robb and Evan Robb invite you to reimagine what education could be and then collaborate to create something amazing.

TeamMakers invites all members of the school system to dream, share stories, and generate ideas that inspire positive change. By providing a roadmap for effective dreaming and planning, this book reveals that there is no limit to what schools can achieve on behalf of students.

You can be a catalyst for change.

"Laura and Evan show us how to break free of excuses that obstruct our view so that we can bravely envision the possibilities awaiting us at the edge of uncertainty. . . .TeamMakers is an invitational how-to for translating professional dreams into transformational actions."

--Dr. Mary Howard, author of Good to Great Teaching

"Laura and Evan invite us to risk imagining what could be, to envision and work together to build strong and honest relationships with our students and our colleagues that enable us to pull our feet from the muck of tradition and march forward toward our professional vision."

--Lester Laminack, coauthor of Reading to Make a Difference

"I urge you to read this book. It caused me to fall in love with teaching all over again. And I know it will do the same for you."

--S. Travis Crowder, coauthor of Sparks in the Dark

"Laura and Evan have created a wonderful blueprint for creating relevant, dynamic learning with today's students in mind. Our schools can be places of greater meaning, purpose, and hope."

--David Guerin, author of Future Driven

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Coaching for Significant and Sustained Change
Coaching for Significant and Sustained Change
Coaching for Significant and Sustained Change in the Classroom

Tom Roy

This constantly changing world makes it difficult for educators to keep their skills sharp. Fortunately, coaching can effectively support teachers in improving their instructional practices. In Coaching for Significant and Sustained Change in the Classroom, author Tom Roy offers a defined coaching model that guides coaches in activating meaningful change and developing teachers’ skills. In addition to providing essential strategies and tools for communicating and working with teachers, this book leads K–12 instructional coaches and school leaders through the process of building strong coaching programs to support teachers in their schools.

Readers will:

Understand the changes in instructional practices necessary to improve student learning and combat the challenges teachers face

Learn what successful coaching looks like and why coaching is the solution to achieving effective professional development in the classroom

Study the five steps of the coaching cycle and explore time-proven coaching methods and strategies

Review the characteristics of successful coaching programs and measure the effectiveness of their programs

Receive tools and forms to guide reflection and respond to professional development needs.

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Being! : Five Ways Of Leading Authentically In An Iconnected World

Vikram Murthy, Aasha Murthy

The second decade of the new millennium has reinforced the calculus of limited and unpredictable business life spans, and demonstrated through many high-profile examples that a track record of sustained success, demonstrable franchise, valuable brand equity, happy customers, and a strong balance sheet are insufficient protection against market failure. The body of evidence and available empirical analyses make a compelling case that businesses have limited life spans because adaptiveness remains a fundamental problem for organisations. This is unfortunate given the significant benefits that business longevity has for all its stakeholders. Such longevity is predicated however on the speed and effectiveness of the business's engagement with its constantly changing environment - ; an abiding source of many of its existential challenges. Adaptive and resilient responses to the complex problems of relentless organisational renewal in prevailing conditions of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity are the keys to demarcating the quick from the dead. Scholars and practitioners alike must rethink leadership, to conflate its doctrinal definitions, and extend them far beyond the domain's preoccupations with dominance, influence, and relationships. Unfamiliar challenges demand a novel response: leadership's futures mindset for zeitgeist adaptiveness. This book describes a new and augmented leadership repertoire for such a zeitgeist mindset. Its arguments are situated at the intersection of many disciplines; management, psychology, neuroscience, and intercultural learning. It draws on many traditions; social construction, contemplative practice, strength-based perspectives, experiential learning, and action science. It conceptualises leadership as a virtuous undertaking; five ways of being that incorporate practices and actions that lead to human flourishing.

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