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The Brave Educator
The Brave Educator
The Brave Educator
Honest Conversations about Navigating Race in the Classroom

Krystle Cobran

The Brave Educator equips you with accessible and refreshingly useful tools for real conversations about race that prepare students for the world beyond the school walls. More than a toolkit, this book is a personal conversation exploring the journey from being stuck in the belief that we should already know how to lead conversations about race to learning how to actually have the conversation. It’s companionship for educators, leaders, and teachers facing overwhelming daily responsibilities and searching for open-hearted support. Inside you’ll find a flexible road map to help carve a path through difficult conversations in your classroom, plus question prompts, resource lists, and crucial tips to help you avoid common pitfalls. The grounded perspective and real-world examples in these pages will help you feel less alone as you move from tentative to prepared.
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Instructional Leadership
Instructional Leadership
Instructional Leadership

Peter M DeWitt

February 2020 Release

This step-by-step how-to guide presents the six driving forces of instructional leadership within a multi-stage model for implementation, delivering lasting improvement through small, collaborative changes.

Peter DeWitt (Ed.D) is a former K-5 teacher (11 years) and principal (8 years). He runs workshops and provides keynotes nationally and internationally focusing on leadership, coaching and fostering inclusive school climates. Within North America, his work has been adopted at the university and state level, and he works with numerous districts, school boards, regional and state organizations where he trains leadership teams and coaches building leaders.

168 Pages | Pbk
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Todd Whitaker Leadership Exclusive Triple Pack
Todd Whitaker Leadership Exclusive Triple Pack
Todd Whitaker Leadership Exclusive Triple Pack

Todd Whitaker

ACEL Exclusive Leadership Triple Pack by renown leader and best selling author Todd Whitaker

Featuring the three titles :
Essential Truths for Principals
Leading School Change
What Great Principals Do Differently

Essential Truths for Principals

School principals are constantly being pulled in different directions. How do you focus on the things that matter most? In this inspiring book from Danny Steele, creator of the popular Steele Thoughts blog, and Todd Whitaker, bestselling author and speaker, you’ll learn how to center your leadership on your core values and the practices that have the biggest impact. The authors reveal essential truths that will make you a more effective principal in areas such as school culture, appreciating teachers, and empowering your staff. The strategies are presented in digestible chunks, perfect for book studies, professional development sessions, and other learning formats. With the inspiring anecdotes and insights in this book, you’ll be reminded of your greater purpose – making a difference in students’ lives.

Leading School Change

Being a cheerleader for innovation or change is great. Implementing specific strategies to increase the likelihood of success is essential. In this key book from bestselling author and speaker Todd Whitaker, you’ll discover clear ways to lead and manage school change by setting realistic goals, planning your approach, and tracking your progress. You’ll also find out how to work effectively with others, overcome resistance, and gain widespread acceptance. Whether you are a district leader, building leader, instructional coach, or teacher-leader, you’ll come away from this book with all the tools and inspiration you need to make a positive, immediate, results-oriented change with the support of your staff.

What Great Principals Do Differently

Inspire yourself and others with the second edition of this best-selling book. With heartfelt advice, practical wisdom, and examples from the field, Todd Whitaker explains the qualities and practices that distinguish great principals. New features include:

*Developing an accurate sense of self
*Understanding the dynamics of change
*Dealing with negative or ineffective staff members
One of the nation’s leading experts on staff motivation, teacher leadership, and principal effectiveness, Todd Whitaker has written over 20 powerful books for educators of every level. Discover what you can do differently.

Triple Book Set
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ACEL Essential Leadership 6PK Collection
ACEL Essential Leadership 6PK Collection
ACEL Essential Leadership 6PK Collection
[With Bonus Edition of The Australian Educational Leader Journal]

Available for a Strictly Limited Time

Featuring 6 Best Selling Leadership Titles

By Lyn Sharratt

Future Focused Learning
By Lee Watanabe Crockett

What Great Principal's Do Differently
By Todd Whitaker

The Ten Minute Principal
By Evan Robb

By Michael Fullan

Help Your Team
By: Bob Sonju, Michael D. Baywitz, Scott A. Cunningham, Joseph A. Ianora, Brandon Jones
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