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Deeper Competency-Based Learning
Deeper Competency-Based Learning
Deeper Competency-Based Learning :
Making Equitable, Student-Centered, Sustainable Shifts

Karin Hess
Rose Colby
Daniel Joseph

The roadmap for your school’s CBE journey!
The one-size-fits-all instructional and assessment practices of the past no longer equitably meet the needs of all students. Competency-based education (CBE) has emerged not only as an innovation in education, but as a true transformation of the approaches to how we traditionally “do” school.

In Deeper Competency-Based Learning, the authors share best practices from their experiences implementing CBE across states, districts, and schools. Leaving no stone unturned, readers are guided step-by-step through CBE implementation and validation phases, beginning with defining your WHY and collaborative development of the competencies describing deeper learning. The CBE readiness tools and reflections inside will help your team:

Build the foundation for organizational shifts by examining policies, leadership, culture, and professional learning
Dig in to shifts in teaching and learning structures by addressing rigorous learning goals, competency-based assessment, evidence-based grading, and body of evidence validation
Take a deep dive into the shift to student-centered classrooms through personalized instructional strategies that change mindsets regarding teacher-student roles, responsibilities, and classroom culture
Discover how your students can demonstrate deeper learning of academic content and develop personal success skills by maximizing time, place, and pace of learning with this roadmap for your CBE journey.

248 Pages | Pbk | Published June 2020
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Inspiring Student Empowerment
Inspiring Student Empowerment
Inspiring Student Empowerment :
Moving Beyond Engagement, Refining Differentiation

Patti Drapeau

Searching for the golden ticket to teaching and learning? You won’t find one here – you’ll find many. You’ll find the right one for you. A one-size-fits-all approach to teaching doesn’t work. Empowering students through personalised learning does.

Far from being another teaching fad, empowering students through personalised learning can increase equity, encourage self-directed learning and improve outcomes for all students. Inspiring student empowerment shows you how to out this vision into practice with strategies, frameworks, examples, suggestions, templates and tools.

Each chapter has discussion questions and a link to a video where the author shares more information for reflection and further exploration.

206 Pages | Pbk | Published June 2020
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Transform Your K-5 Maths Class
Transform Your K-5 Maths Class
Transform Your K-5 Math Class :
Digital Age Tools to Spark Learning

Amanda Thomas

Instead of drill-and-practice apps and worksheets, what if technology enabled exploration of mathematics concepts? Instead of screens for disconnected individual learning, what if technology fostered mathematical discourse and collaboration? Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching mathematics, what if we used technology to differentiate to meet students’ diverse needs?

Technology has the power and potential to support the teaching and learning of mathematics content at all grade levels, but the presence of technology is insufficient unless it’s paired with effective teaching practices and meaningful content. This book poses and unpacks the above questions and many more, with detailed classroom examples to illustrate practical strategies for integrating technology in the F–5 classroom, highlights opportunities to amplify and transform mathematics teaching through strategic technology use.

Features of this book include:

* side-by-side cases of technology use in the classroom, followed by a breakdown and discussion questions

* research-backed approaches to bringing technology into the F–5 maths classroom

* approaches to tech-infused math teaching mapped to standards
instructional material framework for developing technology-rich math instruction.

140 Pages | Pbk | Published June 2020
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Building a Curious School
Building a Curious School
Building a Curious School :
Restore the Joy That Brought You to School

Bryan Goodwin

Unleash the power of curiosity and the joy of learning!
Curiosity is hardwired in all of us, but the longer students stay in school, the less curious they become. Why is that?

Building a Curious School uncovers the many subtle ways in which formal education seems to hinder our natural curiosity and reveals how rekindling a sense of wonder in schools can prime the pump for learning, foster a culture of engagement, grow better educational leaders, and prepare students and staff to lead more fulfilling lives. Grounded in research, this engaging examination of curiosity shows educators how to intentionally cultivate inquisitiveness and wonder in teaching and learning. It includes

· A plethora of activities, ideas, and tips to encourage curiosity
· Compelling examples of curiosity at work in schools, businesses, and communities
· Tools for supporting curiosity in ways that spark meaningful conversations and promote empathy, equity, and social-emotional learning

If you've ever wondered anything, really—just out of curiosity—then you've got what it takes to lead your school to restored curiosity and your students to wellbeing and success.

“This book lays out a vision as to the way schools can and should be approached to stimulate curiosity as a natural part of the teaching/learning process.”
--Robert J. Marzano, Cofounder and CAO, Marzano Resources, Cofounder and Strategic Advisor, Marzano Research

“A powerful ‘must-read’ for all educators who want learning not only to be lively but also impactful and meaningful for every student.”
--Lyn Sharratt, Internship Supervisor, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, Canada

224 Pages | Pbk | Published April 2020
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Inspiring Primary Curriculum Design
Inspiring Primary Curriculum Design
Inspiring Primary Curriculum Design

James Biddulph, Julia Flutter

Inspiring Primary Curriculum Design offers support and ideas for teachers, school leaders, teaching assistants and student teachers to develop their knowledge of the research related to curriculum design, giving specific and practical ideas to apply research in primary school contexts. This first book in the brand-new series ‘Unlocking Research’ combines practitioner expertise with world class academic research and reflects cutting-edge educational thinking from the only university-run primary school in the UK.

Co-written by practising teachers and research academics and drawing from a wide and diverse theoretical and research base, each chapter includes examples of how schools approached designing their own curricula; providing a route map of ideas and questions for readers to explore in their own contexts. The aim is to empower educational professionals in reclaiming the processes of curriculum design from evidence-informed foundations and to identify opportunities to be bold, innovative and imaginative.

Packed with innovative ideas and practical suggestions, this book highlights the importance of using research evidence to develop teachers' practice in the realities of their own classrooms and schools. This will be a key read for teachers, school leaders, teaching assistants and student teachers, especially those who recognise the important role of research in developing excellence in their practice.

190 Pages | Pbk | Published July 2020
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