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What Great Principals Do Differently : ACEL Edition
What Great Principals Do Differently : ACEL Edition
What Great Principals Do Differently : ACEL Edition
Eighteen Things That Matter Most 2nd Edition

Todd Whitaker


Inspire yourself and others with the second edition of this best-selling book. With heartfelt advice, practical wisdom, and examples from the field, Todd Whitaker explains the qualities and practices that distinguish great principals. New features include:

* Developing an accurate sense of self
* Understanding the dynamics of change
* Dealing with negative or ineffective staff members

One of the nation’s leading experts on staff motivation, teacher leadership, and principal effectiveness, Todd Whitaker has written over 20 powerful books for educators of every level. Discover what you can do differently.

146 Pages | Pbk
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Money for Good Grades and Other Myths About Motivating Kids
Money for Good Grades and Other Myths About Motivating Kids
Money for Good Grades and Other Myths About Motivating Kids
Strategies for Parents and Teachers

Barbara R. Blackburn

In this helpful resource, expert educator Barbara R. Blackburn guides parents through the top eight myths about motivation and reveals what really works for kids. Each chapter is filled with practical information and stories that help you understand how to handle a variety of situations related to your child’s success at school. Blackburn helps you get to the bottom of issues such as:

• Is motivating with rewards effective?

• What if your student doesn’t care about school?

• How does your relationship with your student affect their motivation?

• How can you set high expectations without too much pressure?

• Is it okay for my kid to struggle, get stuck, and fail?

• How does competition affect success in school?

• What should you do when nothing seems to be working?

Chapters also include specific classroom connections for each strategy, so you can begin proactively working with your child's teacher. With the accessible advice in this book, you’ll be able to reach your child more effectively so that he or she is more motivated from within, and more successful in school and beyond!

130 Pages | Pbk
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How Girls Achieve
How Girls Achieve
How Girls Acheive

Sally A Nuamah

If we want girls to succeed, we need to teach them the audacity to transgress. Through the lives of students at three very different schools, an award-winning scholar-activist makes the case for “feminist schools” that orient girls toward a lifetime of achievement. This bold and necessary book points out a simple and overlooked truth: most schools never had girls in mind to begin with. That is why the world needs what Sally Nuamah calls “feminist schools,” deliberately designed to provide girls with achievement-oriented identities. And she shows how these schools would help all students, regardless of their gender.

Educated women raise healthier families, build stronger communities, and generate economic opportunities for themselves and their children. Yet millions of disadvantaged girls never make it to school—and too many others drop out or fail. Upending decades of advice and billions of dollars in aid, Nuamah argues that this happens because so many challenges girls confront—from sexual abuse to unequal access to materials and opportunities—go unaddressed. But it isn’t enough just to go to school. What you learn there has to prepare you for the world where you’ll put that knowledge to work.

A compelling and inspiring scholar who has founded a nonprofit to test her ideas, Nuamah reveals that developing resilience is not a gender-neutral undertaking. Preaching grit doesn’t help girls; it actively harms them. Drawing on her deep immersion in classrooms in the United States, Ghana, and South Africa, Nuamah calls for a new approach: creating feminist schools that will actively teach girls how and when to challenge society’s norms, and allow them to carve out their own paths to success.

216 Pages | Pbk
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The Primary STEM Ideas Book
The Primary STEM Ideas Book
The Primary STEM Ideas Book
Engaging Classroom Activities Combining Mathematics, Science and D&T

Elizabeth Dr Flinn, Anne Dr Mulligan

The Primary STEM Ideas Book is designed to promote the integrated teaching of STEM in the primary classroom by providing teachers with lesson ideas for investigations and projects. The statutory requirements of the National Curriculum for science, mathematics and design and technology are comprehensively covered through a variety of practical, stimulating and engaging activities, which have all been tried and tested in the primary classroom. The interrelationship between the STEM subjects is strongly integrated throughout, allowing children’s knowledge and skills to develop with confidence in these key subjects through activities that only require easily accessible resources generally found in the classroom.

Written by subject specialists with years of classroom experience teaching STEM subjects, each chapter contains:

* A rationale showing links to the National Curriculum
* Key subject knowledge
* Brief activity plans
* Ideas for supporting higher and lower attaining children
* Follow-up ideas to provide extra inspiration

Including ‘how to’ guides and other photocopiable resources, this book is perfect for creating integrated lessons, group work and discussions relating to STEM. The Primary STEM Ideas Book provides easy to follow instructions and helps spark fresh inspiration for both new and experienced teachers in primary STEM education.

170 Pages | Pbk
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