ACEL Monographs aim to contribute to current discussion and debate on topics of importance to educators. ACEL views its quality and practical research in educational leadership to be significant and that every ACEL member should have access to.

Recent titles have included, but not limited to:

  • Leadership in a Digital Age.
  • The IDEAS way by the University of Southern Queensland IDEAS team.
  • The award winning monograph Art and Artistry in the Theory and Practice of Educational Administration: A Study of Twenty-Five Head Teachers in Rural China by Peter Ribbins Emeritus Professor, University of Birmingham and Visiting Professor, University of Leicester, UK.
  • Jun Hua Zhang and Compassion in School Leadership by Russell Swann Senior Lecturer in Environmental Science, Victoria University, Melbourne.

Please click here to download ACEL Monograph #58 "Implementing, scaling up, and valuing expertise to develop worthwhile outcomes in schools".