800 educational leaders gather to set the learning agenda

11 September 2014

The Australian Council for Educational Leaders (ACEL) will host over 800 educational leaders from Australia, USA, UK, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and New Zealand at the annual learning conference that will set the future learning agenda for education in Australia.

This gathering of politicians, policy makers and practitioners from all sectors and all phases of schooling provides a multinational platform to critically examine the direction that education should take in the challenging years ahead.

The conference is positioned at a challenging and complex time:

Changes in the federal and state relationship regarding education policy Australia’s reduced ranking against other OECD countries Lack of educational improvement in Indigenous communities Reviews of national Curriculum, school funding and teacher education

The conference theme is: Passion & Purpose-Setting the learning agenda.

International thinkers and researchers headlined by Professor John Hattie (Australia), Professor Linda Darling-Hammond (USA) Professor Wing On Lee (Singapore), Dr John Medina (USA), Richard Gerver (UK), Charlotte Danielson (USA), Noel Pearson (Australia) and Professor Tim Flannery (Australia) will lead the event at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre on October 1-3.

Minister for Education, Christopher Pyne will address the conference outlining the Commonwealth agenda for Australian schooling.

Conference chair, Mr. Anthony Mackay states “Australia needs a profession-lead reform agenda for education that is supported by a strong evidence base and enabling policy”.

The Australian Council for Educational Leaders (ACEL) gives access to world- class empirical research along with the practical support to achieve excellence in leadership in the education sector.

ACEL was founded in 1973 as principals and school management combined their passion for quality administration.

Today, ACEL has more than 6500 members employed in educational capacities across 25 nations.

For more information about the 2014 ACEL conference visit www.acelconference.org.au

For more information about ACEL visit www.acel.org.au

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