What is the role of government in education?

The Australian Council for Educational Leaders (ACEL) has released the first edition of “Perspectives” responding to the Australian Government’s Issues Paper “Roles and Responsibilities in Education”.

Increased clarity about matters best addressed at the national or state level will assist in future policy success.

“The continuing role for the federal government rests on it acting in the national interest to help ensure that education makes a contribution to the well being of society and the economy.

“The Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) and The Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) illustrate how the federal government has acted in the national interest in recent times,” states Professor Emeritus Brian Caldwell.

Professor Caldwell is Deputy Chair of ACARA, Managing Director of Educational Transformations and a former Dean of Education at the University of Melbourne.

Diane Joseph, Director General, Education and Training Directorate, ACT asserts the ability to align across states and territories whilst providing the ability to focus on local priorities should be at the heart of future national reform efforts.

“Autonomy and empowerment, within systemic parameters, are key elements to leading a successful school. It is important to get the balance and alignment right between national reform and local decision making,” states Ms Joseph.

Ross Fox, Executive Director of the National Catholic Education Commission believes establishing policy that ensures the quality of education for all students, irrespective of where they live, should drive national reform.

“Governments, like school systems, need to empower school leaders and teachers as professionals with the professional obligations and standards, and support them in their quest to provide quality learning opportunities for young Australians,” states Mr Fox.

Perspectives can be found here.

The issues papers can be found here.

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