On the road to teaching excellence

Our schools, students, aspiring teachers and the teaching profession demand excellence!

This was the sentiment at the inaugural Hedley Beare memorial lecture where the Hon. Christopher Pyne MP delivered the Australian Government’s response to the TEMAG report last Friday (13.02.15).

“We need to be confident that a graduating teacher has the practical skills ready for the classroom to maximize the learning of every student they teach throughout their career,” said Minister Pyne.

Minister Pyne chose to detail the Government’s response at this special event because of his respect for and commitment to working with The Australian Council for Educational Leaders.

“It is significant we are launching the Teacher Education Advisory Group (TEMAG) Report at this Australian Council for Educational Leaders (ACEL) function.

“It recognizes that ACEL is at the forefront of education practice and improvement and our desire to engage with you,” said Minister Pyne.

Implementation of many of the report’s recommendations will be the responsibility of The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL).

ACEL has a strong working partnership with AITSL and will work with Professor John Hattie and his team to bring about this important reform.

“ACEL is in the business of leading educational change and our focus on leading quality teaching and leadership is in keeping with the Action Now: Classroom Ready Teachers Report,” said Aasha Murthy, CEO of ACEL.

The Action Now: Classroom Ready Report was compiled by the Teacher Education Ministerial Advisory Group and released on 13 February 2015.

The report details 38 recommendations for improving teacher education under five themes. • Stronger quality assurance of teacher education courses • Rigorous selection for entry to teacher education courses • Improved and structured practical experience for teacher education students • Robust assessment of graduates to ensure classroom readiness • National research and workforce planning capabilities

The lecture, titled “The Future of Teacher Education: The Australian Government’s response to the TEMAG Report was delivered in Sydney to more than 200 education leaders from around the country.

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