Funding challenges for schools and governments

The Australian Council for Educational Leaders is concerned about reports in the press regarding funding challenges for systems and schools.

Most recent articles include “Victorian schools short-changed $50 million under Gonski deal: ALP” (The Age 11/02/15) and “Parents paying the costs of state school budget cuts as voluntary fees rise” (The Age, 11/02/15)

“ACEL maintains its position that school funding should be aligned to the findings of David Gonski and the final report of the review of funding for schooling.”

“Funding that takes into account disadvantage assists schools live up to their responsibility of ensuring all students succeed and reach their potential irrespective of their background,” said Peter Hayes, Director of Education, ACEL.

The challenge for all governments is to ensure that all children have access to a quality education.

This means ensuring that funding is directed to schools so that they can provide the required personnel, resources and services to meet the specific needs of their student cohort.

As we move forward in considering the role of governments in education, ACEL will expect that access to quality education for all students, not just those who can afford it, will be high on the agenda.

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