A Green Light for White Paper Debate

The Commonwealth Government published an issues paper on roles and responsibilities of Governments in education in Australia on Dec 14, 2014.

The Australian Council for Educational Leaders welcomes the proposed process to encourage public discussion and will follow the developments carefully.

“We are keen to ensure that educational professionals are part of this discussion and will monitor and report on what our members have to say about the roles and responsibilities of governments in education.

“Our hope is that the resulting white paper will provide clarity around those areas affected by Commonwealth or state and territory policy that often appears counterproductive or contradictory,” says Peter Hayes, Director of Education at ACEL.

ACEL is a considered voice of educational leaders across Australia and will share developments in this discussion with its 7,000 strong national membership from all sectors and phases of learning.

The issues paper outlines the evolution of Commonwealth and State and Territory arrangements in Australia. It also examines pressures on the current arrangements and poses questions to prompt public discussion.

The issues paper can be located at https://federation.dpmc.gov.au

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