$300,000 to Encourage New Voices

The Australian Council for Educational Leaders launched the “New Voice’ initiative to promote impressive new leaders helping to shape and improve education in Australia.

Scholarships totally $300,000 over 10 years will award school leaders and researchers. ACEL President, Dr. Jim Watterston, launched the ‘New Voice’ initiative at the ACEL annual conference in Melbourne, Oct 1-3.

“Each year for the next ten years there will be a ‘school leader’ and ‘educational leadership researcher’ scholarship awarded in each state and territory, and 4 national ‘indigenous leader’ scholarships,

“Each scholarship provides a cash bursary, registration at premier ACEL learning events and the opportunity to have their work featured in ACEL journals and conferences.” said Peter Hayes, Director of Education, ACEL.

Three categories of scholarships are: · A new voice in school leadership · A new voice in educational leadership research · A new indigenous voice in educational leadership

Scholarship recipients are recognized as forward thinking, relevant and responsive educational leaders by their peers and the wider education community

“We want to promote and support new leaders in education who are shaping a better tomorrow for school students today. This is one of a number of ways ACEL is ‘giving back’ to the profession by the provision of world class learning opportunities for up and coming leaders,” said Aasha Murthy, CEO, ACEL

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