Support primary schools, don’t punish

ACEL responds to the claim that primary school funding should be based on literacy and numeracy outcomes and that curriculum is influenced by adhoc innovations (Tie school funds to literacy standards: Business Council.  The Australian, 01.10.14)

ACEL maintains support for a funding model that is fair, equitable and based on evidence.

“ACEL backs the alignment of funding to the recommendations made by David Gonski allowing for primary schools to live up to the moral obligation to ensuring that all students succeed and reach their potential irrespective of their background” says ACEL.

Quality teaching is about having a repertoire of effective strategies and clear judgment of which strategy to use at a particular time with a particular student because of a particular need

Any suggestion that teaching practice is adhoc can only be made by someone who hasn’t taught in a classroom in the last 10 years” says Peter Hayes, Director of Education, ACEL.

A strong framework articulating the expectations of literacy and numeracy learning is articulated in the National Curriculum and is publicly available.

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