Noel Pearson to address over 1000 education leaders - Vision of a bicultural future

Noel Person will address over 800 educational leaders in Melbourne at ACEL Conference on Oct 1-3.

His address will be about a bicultural vision for Australia- a vision of current Australian culture and ancient indigenous heritage with equal recognition.

“Indigenous Australians desire to be integrated into the opportunities and obligations of being Australia, not assimilated into the dominant culture”, says Noel Pearson.

Mr Pearson will speak about Constitutional Recognition of Indigenous Australians, what it means for Indigenous people and Australia’s future.

“We want our children to achieve their full potential, talent and creativity and have the confidence and capacity for hard work so they can orbit between two worlds and enjoy the best of both,” says Noel Pearson.

“When the Recognition of Indigenous Australians comes to pass Indigenous children will need an education that meets the challenge of a bicultural future,” says Noel Pearson.

The title of the address is “A best of both worlds education for a bicultural future.

Mr Pearson will present the William Walker Oration as part of the ACEL conference.

“The William Walker Oration is a celebrated part of the annual conference. The speaker, recognized as a visionary leader in education is invited to provide the oration,” says Aasha Murthy, CEO ACEL

More than 800 educational leaders from around the world will meet to debate the future of education in Australia and the world. Politicians, policy makers, experts, researchers and leading practitioners will present a strong evidence base for the future learning agenda for Australian schools.

Noel Pearson’s address is an important part of this year’s conference. The conference is about setting the future of education agenda and Noel’s speech will be instructive and challenging for us” says Peter Hayes, Director of Education, ACEL

Noel Pearson works in close association with all Cape York regional organisations and the philanthropic sector on issues of economic development, education, health and justice.

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