NAPLAN should be used to target support & resources, not Blame and Shame

13 September, 2014

This release is in response to Australian Primary Principal’s Association Media Release (11.09.14), Discussion paper (08.09.14) and response from Chairman, ACARA, Prof. Barry McGaw (11.09.14).

ACEL believes that NAPLAN is an essential element in providing schools and systems with relevant benchmarks and year-to-year comparisons about academic performance.

Whilst ACEL acknowledges NAPLAN’s importance, it wishes to make clear that it should never be seen as the ‘only and most important’ source of performance data on which to rate and compare school performance.

Peter Hayes, Director of Education, ACEL believes there should be better marketing and practice around NAPLAN ensuring that the public understands the intended purpose of the publication of results on My school website. This is a better option than simply removing the data to suit underperforming schools.

ACEL advocates improving, not removing NAPLAN data from the My School website.

ACEL hopes that the exchange between APPA and ACARA enhances the purpose of NAPLAN publication and that effective targeting of support and resources occurs rather than targeting blame and shame.

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