ACEL convenes a profession-lead reform agenda for Australian education

11 September 2014

More than 800 educational leaders from around the world will meet to debate the future of education in Australia and the world.

“Politicians, policy makers, experts, researchers and leading practitioners will present a strong evidence base for the future learning agenda for Australian schools” said Aasha Murthy, CEO, ACEL.

ACEL welcomes the following keynotes and their contribution to the discussion and debate. Professor John Hattie (AUS) Professor Linda Darling-Hammond (USA) Dr John Medina (USA) Ms Charlotte Danielson (USA) Mr Richard Gerver (UK) Professor Tim Flannery (AUS) Professor Wing On Lee (Singapore)

“Part of the learning is to ensure leaders listen to what is happening around the world in order to make good decisions about the future of education in Australia” said Peter Hayes, Director of Education, ACEL.

Discussion and debate on conference themes is essential for achieving outstanding student achievement:

Quality teaching, including the quality of, and access to professional development and performance feedback;

Quality learning that meets the needs of individual students; Empowering school leadership that results in greater authority for school leaders to make decisions affecting their schools and their communities; and Strengthening of parent and community engagement that provides results in stronger partnerships between schools and parents and families

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