Diagnostic Inventory of School Alignment (DISA)

About the Tools

What is the Diagnostic Inventory of School Alignment (DISA)?

The purpose of the Diagnostic Inventory of School Alignment (DISA) is to provide schools with information on which to base judgements about leverages for school improvement. DISA is an online tool that you can use to examine your school’s overall alignment and is comprised of three surveys customised for each of staff, parents, and students.

What are its benefits and features?

Invaluable insight into your school’s alignment. DISA is grounded in The Research-based Framework for Organisational Alignment. The implementation of the Diagnostic Inventory enables you to understand your school in terms of the alignment of key organisational elements and the relative levels of social, organisational and intellectual capital.

Professional data analysis and support. After completion of surveys, the submitted results will be analysed by qualified staff from Leadership Research International, a faculty of the University of Southern Queensland. The results will be presented to you in a comprehensive report containing graphical representations of the findings. In addition, we will contact you by phone to discuss the implications of the results presented in the report.

Ease of use, enough time to collect responses. Our online survey is very easy to use. Once you obtain access you will be given a unique survey link for your school with guidelines about how to best manage implementation of the Diagnostic Inventory. The link can be easily distributed among staff, parents and students. The link remains active for 2 months which gives you plenty of time to collect replies from the desired number of respondents.

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To visit the dedicated DISA Website, please click here. Please contact the team at ACEL on 1800 680 559 (or 02 9213 3100) or via email to leadership@acel.org.au with any queries or to discuss implementing DISA in your school.