2016 Annual ACEL Conference
28th - 30th September, MCEC Melbourne

The ACEL National Conference celebrates excellence in leadership.
In rapidly changing times, Leadership that is insightful and innovative can make a real difference.

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Conference Themes

The conference has the following main themes to be explored:

Leading with Insight and Innovation
This is the key theme for the 2016 ACEL National Conference, ALL presentations must engage with this theme.

Leading Teaching & Learning
Critically examine the research evidence linking quality teaching with student outcomes within the context of contemporary educational theory, policy and practice.

Leading Improvement, Innovation & Change
Improvement, innovation and change to ensure education prepares students for the future.

Engaging and Working with the Community
Working with families, carers, education systems and sectors to build capacity and improve wellbeing to produce just and sustainable student outcomes.

Leading the Management of the School
Enhance leadership capabilities to effectively manage and lead schools.


The Conference Learning Process

Presentations and Workshops will engage the conference learning process of learn, reflect and apply.

Learn: Presentations/Workshops design will provide educators with new and innovative thinking, research or practice in the area of the conference strands.

Reflect: Presentations/Workshops will provoke reflection about the implications of teaching, learning and leading on the variety and diversity of settings in which educators work.

Apply: Presentations/Workshops will promote action by helping make real links to the classroom, school, early years and community setting.