TAS Branch

Welcome to the TAS Branch of ACEL.

Having just returned from the National Conference, I am excited about the challenges and opportunities ahead of us as educators in Australia. There were many stand out moments for me, and hopefully the 30 other Tasmanian’s that were able to attend, that I look forward to sharing with others when I can. I am hoping that many of you will be able to make the Minister’s Breakfast on the 22nd October; it will be a great chance to share, and exchange thoughts and ideas with each other. As Professor John Hattie said at the culmination of the conference, “Expertise. We have it. We need to capture this, and communicate it”. Please consider coming and enjoying this chance to connect professionally with others interested in the future of education in Tasmania.

In an effort to explore more broadly what being a member of ACEL can mean at an individual level, I share with you one of our Branch Executive, Eamonn Pollard’s, thoughts:

I joined the Branch Executive about three years ago and immediately came into contact with a group of passionate and very friendly educators from across the educational sectors. This is one very significant benefit; you meet and work with individuals from outside your own sector and you learn a lot from this alone. Working within one’s own sector can start to sound like an echo chamber after a while where it is the same voices you are hearing from. We have much to learn from each other.

Another very significant benefit for me has been the events that are run locally. Some of these are organized nationally and some have been organized by the Tassie Exec. At least three of these workshops in the last two years has had a large impact on my own leadership journey, changing my thinking and increasing my understanding of how to deal effectively with some of the complexities of school life.

A third direct benefit has been the relationships built. In my own case, one of the members of the Executive has become my main supervisor for my Doctoral studies. This has opened up worlds of possibilities. If it wasn’t for ACEL, this would not have happened. I am not sure that you can operate optimally in senior leadership without collaborating and ACEL gives enormous opportunity in this regard. Indeed, membership of professional associations is definitely desirable for senior leadership roles.


Yours Sincerely,
Tameika Grist
ACEL TAS Branch President