TAS Branch

Welcome to the TAS Branch of ACEL.

As with all ACEL aim to do, we want to provide meaningful opportunities for educational leaders to develop and connect. If you have any great ideas or opportunities you would like to see ACEL organise, provide or support, we have a dedicated, passionate and committed Executive Branch team, already starting to plan ideas and events for next year for our members, who would love to hear from you. Please get in contact with any one of us: (Branch Executive Members: Simon Angus, Cath Apanah, Louise Bender, Jenny Cowling, Tom Dorey, Malcolm Elliott, Lucy Fisher, Jacqui Lawless, David Moltow, Eamonn Pollard)

Some significant learning opportunities are coming to Hobart in the coming months and I encourage everyone to consider the possibility of attending and spread the word to your colleagues.

Attending conferences like one of these also comes with the ability to apply for a discounted membership.

I would like to again mention the exciting development of a Regional Membership Type. This National ACEL initiative is a part of an ongoing commitment to support regional education, schools and leaders. It provides a reduced cost annual membership for those living within the eligible postcode ranges outlined below:
TAS - 7011 - 7248, 7252 - 7923
Click here to learn more.

Jenny Cowling, one of our Branch Executive members, sums up what ACEL membership has meant for her:

My name is Jenny Cowling and I have been a member of the ACEL executive since 2015. Although a fierce advocate for public education, I greatly value, respect and appreciate the cross sector membership of ACEL. Working with and learning from colleagues from other sectors has broadened and strengthened my own leadership capacity.

I particularly enjoy events where members from all sectors share their expertise, challenges and learning, such as our Hot Topics events. A particular success this year has been the peer coaching initiative for senior leaders and Lucy Fisher (colleague executive member) is to be commended for her initiation and leadership of this successful workshop series. One of our goals is to respond to the need of leaders in the field, so please contact one of our executive if there is something you would like us to broker or provide in the future.

A highlight of the ACEL year is the national conference. I have been privileged to attend the last two years, in Sydney in 2017 and in Melbourne this year. Highpoints for me this year were keynote presentations from Gill Callister, Andy Hargreaves and John Hattie, as well as inspiring workshop presentations. Another fabulous ACEL event is our annual awards night, where excellence in leadership is acknowledged and celebrated.  If you haven’t been to an ACEL event before, I encourage you to come along and enjoy the experience. Bring a growth mindset, prepare to have your thinking stretched and enjoy the collegiality of like-minded leaders across Tasmania.


Yours Sincerely,
Tameika Grist
ACEL TAS Branch President