Introduction to ACEL

About ACEL

The Australian Council for Educational Leaders  (ACEL) is a not-for-profit company that actively supports the development of leadership capabilities across Australia through conferences and workshops, leadership programs, in-house publications, online learning and resources, and a bookshop.

Access to these leadership-focused opportunities is available for classroom teachers through to system leaders.

As the premier provider of resources and experiences for educational leaders, ACEL continues to expand with a growing network of over 35,000 and more than 6500 members actively connecting and participating in regular professional learning.

ACEL provides other organisations the opportunity to value-add and optimise their products, events and activities.  Through the benefits of collaboration, these partnerships create significant efficiencies and generate opportunities for the greater good of education.

Our Purpose

To inspire, support, recognise and advocate for excellence in educational leadership.

Our Strategic Goals

We cultivate a collaborative learning community of educational leaders by:

    1. Enhancing leadership capacity through delivery of high quality programs, events and publications
    2. Elevating the standing of educational leadership by recognising excellence
    3. Representing, supporting and advocating for the education profession
    4. Sustaining strong state, national and international ACEL networks

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‘2002 A New Chapter Begins: The name change to ACEL’

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