HarperCollins the leading publisher of fiction, non-fiction and children’s literature are extending their support to our schools and centres who have been recently affected by the bushfire crisis across many of our states. HarperCollins are an ongoing partner and supporter of schools and student learning and to which ACEL are proud to endorse and assist in communicating their message of assistance with our education community nationwide in this time of need.

A Message from our friends at HarperCollins
“HarperCollins Publishers Australia is committed to helping bushfire affected communities across Australia. As part of this commitment, we would like to hear from the staff at any school whose library has been rendered unusable due to bushfire. Please email us at education@harpercollins.com.au and we will be in contact to begin a discussion on how we can best help you. This offer will remain open until the end of 2020”.

Please also be sure to visit HarperCollins Teacher’s Hub at your convenience for essential resources, books and information for teachers, educators and schools.

System Recall Leading for Equity and Excellence in Education
Alma Harris, Michelle S. Jones

This book argues that much of what passes as contemporary educational reform in education is faulty and damaging. It argues that it is time for a ‘system recall’ and a need to look at what matters most in the pursuit of educational goals.


Professional Development : What Works 3rd Edition
Sally J. Zepeda

This comprehensive and authoritative book serves as the road map to your school’s professional development journey. Written for principals, professional development directors, other district leaders, and teacher leaders, Professional Development: What Works shows you how to plan and implement programs that promote teacher growth.


Navigating the Principalship
James Spillane, Rebecca Lowenhaupt

In Navigating the Principalship, James P. Spillane and Rebecca Lowenhaupt look at the major challenges of the principal position, examining how new principals adapt to the role, set an instructional agenda, and build cooperation and collaboration.




Lyn Sharratt
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What Great Principals Do Differently
Todd Whitaker
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The Aspiring Principal
John Hattie
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Ten Minute Principal
Evan Robb
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Differentiation for Gifted Learners
Diane Heacox, Richard M. Cash
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Michael Fullan
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Visible Learning Insights
John Hattie, Klaus Zierer
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Future Focused Learning
Lee Crockett
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Leading School Change
Todd Whitaker
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Dive into Deep Learning
Michael Fullan
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