Volume 40 Issue 2
Leading Lifelong Learning

Welcome to Issue Two of the AEL Journal for 2018 where we look at Leading Lifelong Learning and how best to support quality education for all from early years, through school and beyond!

This issue features lead articles by three prominent keynote speakers from our Disability Summit and Early Childhood Conference. The lead articles relate to inclusion and a sense of belonging, and transition from early childhood to school respectively. The general article section covers a range of topics: Load Reduction Instruction; setting expectations from the first day of school; involving students in the assessment process; transitions through school, and research funding frameworks. 

The Success Stories section showcases narratives from schools or organisations where they share initiatives or approaches they feel have worked well for them. These stories underscore the fact that there is great work being done in our schools around the country and that there is much to learn from best practice.

The spotlight interview with David and Alice Kolb who discuss the theory and practice of experiential learning theory, is a highlight!

A book review; legal Q&A, the In Context section and award updates complete this AEL Issue.

Follow the links below to download the individual articles for the current issue or click here to download the entire journal as a single file. Articles that are RED are free to access. Please use your current ACEL membership login to gain access to these and view AEL content. If you have any trouble accessing the journal, please contact publications@acel.org.au for assistance.


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