Pauline Thompson

Position Lecturer, Educational Leadership
Organisation The University of Melbourne
Location VIC

Pauline is an Early Career Researcher in school leadership at The Melbourne Graduate School of Education, The University of Melbourne. She currently teaches in the Master of Instructional Leadership program, working with current and aspiring school leaders to build their skills and knowledge to lead effective teaching and learning. Pauline has extensive school experience, having worked as a secondary teacher, educational advisor and Assistant Principal for over 30 years.

Pauline completed her Doctor of Education studies at the University of Melbourne in 2019. Her thesis focussed investigating the key features of professional learning that lead to long term improvements in teaching practice. This research led to the development of a model of professional learning that can be used by stakeholders as reference points when planning and evaluating programs to maximise the impact of any professional learning program.

As a researcher, her contribution to the educational research landscape is through a focus on exploring the complex link between school leadership and student learning.

She is particularly interested in investigating how leadership practices are enacted in schools to improve teaching practice which in turn enhance learning outcomes for students. Her current research projects include investigating the role of middle leaders in enhancing pedagogy in schools. Pauline is also working on a project which investigates the specific leadership practices of principals which are linked to improved student learning.

Pauline is keen that the findings of her research are used to inform the day to day practice in schools, leading to improved learning outcomes for students. She welcomes the opportunity to discuss the findings of her research with current practitioners.

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