Andy Hargreaves is Director of CHENINE (Change, Engagement and Innovation in Education) at the University of Ottawa, and President of the ARC Education Project that brings together Ministers and senior leaders from 7 nations committed to humanitarian goals in education.

His latest book is his memoir of social mobility, of growing up and being educated in a working class community and a redbrick university in the North of England. Moving is published by Solution Tree.

Andy has delivered invited addresses in more than 40 countries, the majority of US states and all Canadian provinces and Australian states. Andy’s website is You can follow him on twitter at @hargreavesbc.

Pandemonium or Panorama: The Post-Pandemic Future of Public Education

We’re not yet through the First Wave of COVID-19, but eyes are already starting to look towards the end of the tunnel. They’re not just trying to glimpse the light. They’re also trying to decide which way to turn on the other side of this darkness.

After this pandemic, there is a serious risk that another kind of Hell may be awaiting us – what John Milton in Paradise Lost called pandemonium. Pandemonium, the brainchild of Mammon, meant “all demons”. It was the capital of Hell. What kind of pandemonium could await us after COVID-19? We are already being prepared for looming austerity, deep cuts to public services, another round of financial hardship for the working and middle classes, more rather than less inequity, yet more private sector solutions to profoundly public problems – including education - and the expensive persistence of unwanted and unnecessary mid stakes testing.

Post-pandemic solutions for educational reform need not end in pandemonium, though. There are alternatives that can come from adopting a wider panoramic vision for change. The future, I will say, can and should be defined by prosperity, not austerity; by more rather than less equity; by rethinking and not just expanding the role of digital technology; and by transforming educational assessment.

Moving: A Memoir of Education and Social Mobility

Social mobility--the chance, through education, to achieve greater success compared to one's parents--is one of the most compelling issues of our time. In Moving, renowned professor, government adviser, and global change agent Andy Hargreaves shares candid, poignant and occasionally hilarious personal experiences of social mobility.