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Picture of the productAssessing Unstoppable Learning (A Guide to Systems-Thinking
Assessing Unstoppable Learning: A Guide to Systems-Thinking Assessment in a Collaborative Culture

by Tom Hierck, Angela Freese, Douglas Fisher & Nancy Frey

Assessing Unstoppable Learning explains how K-12 teachers and administrators can work in collaborative teams to form effective and efficient assessment systems in their schools that help all students maximize their learning. Based on the key principles of systems thinking, this book will help educators define student learning goals and plan, launch, and lead learning as a team to meet them.

This user-friendly resource focuses on the assessing element of the the Unstoppable Learning model, which consists of seven elements: (1) planning, (2) launching, (3) consolidating, (4) assessing, (5) adapting, (6) managing, and (7) leading.

This guide provides readers with crucial protocols and activities for collectively reworking their assessment systems. By implementing the step-by-step actions shared by the authors, educators can prepare themselves and their students to thrive in 21st century classrooms and beyond.

Unlock the full assessment power of Unstoppable Learning by:

Reflecting on the collaborative culture of your learning organization and what elements of it are within your control.
Considering questions designed to focus your work on generating high levels of student achievement.
Completing activities with collaborative teams to discuss how to better promote productive systems thinking using the book's strategies.
Learning about balanced assessment systems and how to include formative assessments in addition to summative assessments.
Embedding evidence-based practices throughout the organization and using protocols for effective team discussions.

Chapter 1: Building Trust and Healthy Relationships to Leverage Assessment
Chapter 2: Seeking Evidence to Launch Assessments With the End in Mind
Chapter 3: Gathering Evidence to Use Assessment as Instruction
Chapter 4: Discussing Evidence to Leverage Assessment as Learning
Chapter 5: Responding to Evidence to Adapt Assessment as Instruction
Chapter 6: Embedding Evidence-Based Practices in Learning Organizations

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Picture of the productBetter Learning Through Structured Teaching: A Framework fo
Better Learning Through Structured Teaching: A Framework for the Gradual Release of Responsibility, 2nd Edition

Authors - Douglas Fisher & Nancy Frey

In this updated 2nd edition of the ASCD best-seller, Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey dig deeper into the hows and whys of the gradual release of responsibility instructional framework. To gradually release responsibility is to equip students with what they need to be engaged and self-directed learners. On a day-to-day level, it means delivering lessons purposefully planned to incorporate four essential and interrelated instructional phases:

1. Focused Instruction: preparing students for learning by establishing lesson purpose, modelling strategies and skills, thinking aloud and noticing how students respond.
2. Guided Instruction: strategically using prompts, cues and questions to lead student to new understanding.
3. Collaborative Learning: allowing students to consolidate their understanding through exploration, problem solving, discussion and thinking with peers.
4. Independent Learning: Requiring students to use skills and knowledge they’ve acquired to create authentic products and ask new questions.

The authors explore each phase, using real-life examples from a variety of disciplines. You’ll find tips and tools for classroom implementation, including checklists for planning and assessment; advice on feedback, homework, group work, differentiated instruction and blended learning; answers to frequently asked questions; and examples that align to Common Core State Standards. No matter what year level or subject you teach, Better Learning Through Structured Teaching is your essential guide to helping students expand their capacity for successful and long-lasting learning.

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Picture of the productBetter Than Carrots or Sticks: Restorative Practices for Pos
Better Than Carrots or Sticks: Restorative Practices for Positive Classroom Management

Authors - Dominique Smith, Nancy Frey and Douglas Fisher

Classroom management is traditionally a matter of encouraging good behaviour and discouraging bad by doling out rewards and punishments. But studies show that when educators empower students to address and correct misbehaviour among themselves, positive results are longer lasting and more wide reaching. In Better Than Carrots or Sticks, long-time educators and best-selling authors Dominique Smith, Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey provide a practical blueprint for creating a cooperative and respectful classroom climate in which students and teachers work through behavioural issues together. After a comprehensive overview of the roots of the restorative practices movement in schools, the authors explain how to

establish procedures and expectations for student behaviour that encourage the development of positive interpersonal skills
develop a non-confrontational rapport with even the most challenging students
implement conflict-resolution strategies that prioritise relationship building and mutual understanding over finger-pointing and retribution.

Rewards and punishments may help to maintain order in the short term, but they’re at best superficially effective and at worst counterproductive. This book will prepare teachers at all levels to ensure that their classrooms are welcoming, enriching and constructive environments built on collective respect and focused on student achievement.

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Picture of the productBuilding Equity: Policies and Practices to Empower All Learn
Building Equity: Policies and Practices to Empower All Learners

by Dominique Smith, Nancy Frey, Ian Pumpian & Douglas Fisher

Imagine a school where every student – regardless of race, culture, home language, sexual orientation, gender identity, family income, academic history and personal challenges – feels safe and valued. In this school, teachers notice and meet individual instructional needs and foster a harmonious and supportive environment. All students have the opportunity to succeed with interesting classes, projects and activities, and they feel empowered to learn, to grow and to pursue their dreams.

This is the school every student needs and deserves.

In Building Equity, Dominique Smith, Nancy Frey, Ian Pumpian and Douglas Fisher, colleagues at San Diego’s innovative Health Sciences High & Middle College, introduce the Building Equity Taxonomy, a new model to clarify the structural and interpersonal components of an equitable and excellent schooling experience, and the Building Equity Review and Audit, survey-based tools to help school and teacher leaders uncover equity-related issues and organise their efforts to achieve

physical integration
social-emotional engagement
opportunity to learn
instructional excellence
engaged and inspired leaders.

Built on the authors’ own experiences and those of hundreds of educators throughout the United States, this book is filled with examples of policy initiatives and practices that support high-quality, inclusive learning experiences and deliver education that meets critical standards of equality and equity.

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Picture of the productChecking For Understanding: Formative Assessment Techniques
Checking For Understanding: Formative Assessment Techniques for Your Classroom, 2nd Edition

Authors - Nancy Frey and Douglas Fisher

A teacher presents a lesson, and at the end asks students if they understand the material. The students nod and say they get it. Later, the teacher is dismayed when many of the students fail a test on the material. Why aren’t students getting it? And, just as important, why didn’t the teacher recognise the problem?

Checking for understanding is an important step in the teaching and learning process. The background knowledge that students bring into the classroom influences how they understand the material you share and the lessons or learning opportunities you provide. Unless you check for understanding, it is difficult to know exactly what students are getting out of the lesson.

In Checking for Understanding, Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey show how to increase students’ understanding with the help of creative formative assessments. When used regularly, formative assessments enable every teacher to determine what students know and what they still need to learn. Fisher and Frey explore a variety of engaging activities that check for and increase understanding, including interactive writing, portfolios, multimedia presentations, audience response systems and much more.

This new 2nd edition of Checking for Understanding has been updated to reflect the latest thinking in formative assessment and to show how the concepts apply in the context of Fisher and Frey’s work on gradual release of responsibility, guided instruction, formative assessment systems, data analysis and quality instruction.

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Picture of the productDeveloping Assessment-Capable Visible Learners Grades K-12
Developing Assessment-Capable Visible Learners, Grades K-12: Maximizing Skill, Will, and Thrill

Nancy Frey, John Hattie & Douglas Fisher

“When students know how to learn, they are able to become their own teachers.”
—Nancy Frey, Douglas Fisher, and John Hattie

Imagine students who describe their learning in these terms: “I know where I’m going, I have the tools I need for the journey, and I monitor my own progress.” Now imagine the extraordinary difference this type of ownership makes in their progress over the course of a school year.

This illuminating book shows how to make this scenario an everyday reality in your classroom — one that will significantly increase your students’ capacity to thrive as they take responsibility for their own learning.

With its foundation in principles introduced in the authors’ bestselling Visible Learning for Literacy, this resource delves more deeply into the critical component of self-assessment. Developing Assessment-Capable Visible Learners reveals

The most effective types of assessment and how each can motivate students to higher levels of achievement
How to introduce students to the tools they will use to support their own learning, along with the know-how they need to choose the right tool for any learning challenge
How to create a classroom culture where errors are viewed as opportunities to learn
The learning strategies, including cognitive, metacognitive, and motivational strategies, that fuel student progress, and how to give students opportunities to use them
Real-world examples of the strategies and tools at work, through classroom scenarios contained in the book and online videos accessible via QR codes

As inspiring as it is practical, Developing Assessment-Capable Visible Learners gives you a clear strategy for empowering each of your students in shaping their own educational success.

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Picture of the productEngagement by Design
Engagement by Design: Creating Learning Environments Where Students Thrive

by Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, Russell Quaglia, Dominique Smith and Lisa Lande

Every teacher wants engaged students. No student wants to be bored. So why isn’t every classroom teeming with discussion and purposeful activity centered on the day’s learning expectations?

Consistently finding a rhythm—where students progress through relevant and challenging content—isn’t easy. But not only is it possible, it can also seem effortless when teachers have the right design for genuinely engaging students.

Classroom dynamics are inherently complex, as multifaceted as the personalities in the room, so where should a teacher begin? Engagement by Design gives you a framework for making daily improvements and highlights the opportunities that will bring the greatest benefit in the least amount of time. You’ll learn about relationships, clarity, and challenge, including

- How getting to know each student a little better can fundamentally change the classroom dynamics—and how to do that
- What it means to be an “intentionally inviting” teacher, and how it gives you an advantage in creating an environment conducive to learning
- How to bring more clarity to key aspects of your work—and how it can reap substantial rewards for you and your students
- How opening the culture to student voice—listening to students—is linked to academic motivation, and how to use it to shape your day-to-day planning
- The best ways to increase learning for your students, boosting the proportional value of their school year

Understanding engagement—and actively pursuing it—can make all the difference between forging a real connection with students and having a classroom that’s simply going through the motions. Engagement by Design puts you in control of managing your classroom’s success and increasing student learning, one motivated student at a time.

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Picture of the productEnhancing RTI: How to Ensure Success with Effective Classroo
Enhancing RTI: How to Ensure Success with Effective Classroom Instruction and Intervention

Authors - Nancy Frey and Douglas Fisher

Although Response to Intervention (RTI) is becoming a necessity for all schools, the truth is that supplemental instruction can never compensate for inadequate core instruction. That's why you need this book?s improved approach to RTI. Authors Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey introduce you to a strengthened model of RTI that emphasises formative assessment and refining core instruction rather than relying only on multiple layers of intervention. While guiding you through the steps of creating and implementing this improved approach, the authors address and increase your knowledge of the principles of high-quality RTI. To help you implement the new RTI model, this guide includes instructional planning tools, sample improvement plans and interventions, assessment rubrics and pacing guides.

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Picture of the productEssentials for Principals
Essentials for Principals: The School Leader's Guide to English Learners

Authors - Nancy Frey and Douglas Fisher

English learners are enormously challenged, for they must learn English while learning in English, and must do so while meeting ever-increasing expectations for achievement. How can principals rally their schools to address these issues? The School Leader’s Guide to English Learners explores this problem through five big ideas: (1) understanding proficiency levels, (2) using instruction that emphasises talk, (3) creating assessments that highlight strengths rather than simply catalogue defects, (4) offering intense interventions, and (5) shaping programs that have the buy-in of all stakeholders – educators, families and students.

This book contains:

Strategies for setting reasonable goals for your English learners
Research-based guidelines for quality instruction with real-world examples
Response to intervention approaches
Reproducible resources, including a multilingual home language survey and principal’s self-study guide
A glossary of English learner terms.

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Picture of the productGuided Instruction: How to Develop Confident and Successful
Guided Instruction: How to Develop Confident and Successful Learners

Authors - Nancy Frey and Douglas Fisher

This book gives you advice and steps to get your students to do the cognitive work of learning. Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey explain why telling students things over and over and perhaps more slowly and more loudly does not result in understanding. Instead, discover how to use a combination of questions, prompts, cues, direct explanations and modelling to guide students learning and build their understanding. Explore an approach to instruction that ensures you make the four strategic moves that help students become more capable and independent learners. Each element is explained and illustrated with numerous examples drawn from the authors experience as well as relevant research.

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