Building and Developing Assessment Capable Visible Learners
Special 1 Day Only Event with Douglas Fisher and John Hattie


The Visible Learning research is clear that when students know how to learn and are aware of strategies to help them learn, they are able to become their own teachers. Imagine students who describe their learning in these terms: "I know where I'm going, I have the tools I need for the journey, and I monitor my own progress." Now imagine the extraordinary difference this type of ownership makes in their progress over the course of a school year.

Join John Hattie and Doug Fisher as they share with you how to make this scenario an everyday reality in your classroom - one that will significantly increase your students' capacity to thrive as they take responsibility for their own learning. Hear them talk about how the right approach at the right time can create classroom experiences that hit the surface, deep, and transfer phases of learning. This will include:

  • Overview of Visible Learning
  • Overview of Assessment Capable Visible Learners
  • Helping students understand their current performance and where they are going

If there is one core message at this Symposium that we want you to come away with, it is this: Assessment-capable visible learners are cultivated by assessment-capable teachers.


If your goal is to make learning visible for students and for students to become their own teachers, this session is for you. We explore the characteristics of assessment-capable visible learners; learners who know their current level of performance, know where they are going, accept the challenge of learning, and monitor their progress. Create classrooms that allow students to become assessment-capable requires changes in student-teacher interactions as well as the design of meaningful experiences that impact learning.


  • The most effective types of assessment and how each can motivate students to higher levels of achievement
  • How to introduce students to the tools they will use to support their own learning, along with the know-how they need to choose the right tool for any learning challenge
  • How to create a classroom culture where errors are viewed as opportunities to learn
  • The learning strategies, including cognitive, metacognitive, and motivational strategies, that fuel student progress, and how to give students opportunities to use them
  • Real-world examples of the strategies and tools at work


  • The best way to introduce students in your school to self-assessment, and how to provide ample opportunities for them to apply it to their own learning
  • The cognitive, metacognitive, and motivational strategies that fuel student progress
  • How to create a classroom environment that views mistakes as a chance to learn
  • The alignment of high-impact literacy practices, as defined by Hattie's seminal work, with phases of learning, will get you working smarter not harder.


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Sydney NSW
Friday 22nd November 2019
Time: 9am - 3:30pm
Venue: Shangri-La Hotel,

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