Coaching and Mentoring to Elevate Leadership Skills and Knowledge

School leaders bring an extraordinary amount of knowledge and skill to the workplace, ensuring quality learning and work environments for staff and students. It is vital that the capacity of all leaders is developed. Research states that mentoring and coaching is the most effective way to develop ideas, practices, responses to challenges, leadership and management approaches.

ACEL has developed the Elevate program to offer one-on-one confidential, flexible coaching and mentoring with an ACEL Mentor. ACEL Mentors are nationally recognised leaders in education and mentoring and coaching. The Mentors provide leaders with expert guidance to enhance leadership and management skills.

"It has been good to speak to a [system] 'outsider' and get a different view and context on things. It has been good to talk to him and receive guidance. [It has also been] good to discuss issues out loud."

Content Overview

  • Mentee-selected focus, method and process focusing on their needs and context.
  • Clear individual goals are identified with the ACEL Mentor to develop leadership capacity
  • Timing of regular sessions are negotiated to fit in with the mentee’s busy schedule
  • Method of engagement is negotiated between the mentor and mentee
  • Mentee will also have access to over 600 online resources, to drive professional learning


3 Hour Mentoring Package: $330
5 Hour Mentoring Package: $500
10 Hour Mentoring Package: $900