2018 WA Awards

ACEL are proud to present the 2018 WA Awardees.


ACEL WA Certificate of Excellence in Educational Leadership

  • Mr Gary Racey
  • Mr John Burke
  • Mr Paul Whitehead
  • Mrs Maree Whiteley
  • Miss Katie Petchell
  • Mrs Candice Clynk

ACEL WA Fellowship Award

  • Mrs Gayle Higgins
  • Ms Julie Woodhouse

ACEL WA Teacher Leader Award for Excellence

  • Mrs Melissa Kingston
  • Mr Keith Briggs
  • Ms Jackie Hunt
  • Mrs Suzanne Bushby

ACEL WA Research in Educational Leadership and Management

  • Dr Deborah Netolicky

ACEL WA Excellence and Leadership in Tertiary Studies

  • Megan Hamel
  • Jonathan Lituri

ACEL WA Pre-Eminent Educational Leader Award

  • Dr Sandy Heldsinger