ACEL SA Awards: History

The Alby Jones ACEL SA Fellowship Award

2017  Professor David Giles
Professor John Halsey
Dr. Gerald White
  Dr Paul Kilvert
2013  Leonie Trimper

The ACEL SA Distinguished Contribution to Research in Educational Leadership Award

This Award is an acknowledgement of the significant contribution of a researcher in creating new work or use existing work in creative ways to generate tools in and encourage dialogue for critical thinking by practitioners, about, or related to the practice of leading in schooling or other educational contexts.

2017  Professor Pat Thomson
2016  Associate Professor Rob Hattam

The ACEL SA Educational Leadership Medal

The criteria for this award are consistent with those described in the ACEL Leadership Capabilities, acknowledging those who have demonstrated a commitment beyond their current role. Capabilities include high-level educational outcomes for self and others, and the ability to inspire, influence, and implement change in an innovative manner. Those receiving this award are acknowledged by their colleagues, students, and community for their outstanding leadership and achievements for a school, sector or system.

2017  Carl Salt, Warren Symonds, Dr Matthew White
Marilyn Clark, David Edwards, Christine Hatzi, Wendy Johnson, Panayoula Parha
Kim Hebenstreit, Sandy Richardson, Sheryle Yorston
  Barry Kahl, Pam McRobbie
2013  Gary Le Duff, Paul Rijken, Michael Dahl

The ACEL SA Pip Field Emerging Leader Award

2016  Olivia English, Rebecca Huddy

The ACEL SA Media Award

This award acknowledges a journalist who has reported on an educational matter in a published forum at a local or national level. The journalist has advocated for educators, celebrated their work, and recognized the positive contribution that education makes to society.

2017  Spence Denny
2016  Martina Simos
Annabel Crabb
  Peter Goers

Educational Leaders Learning Award

2014  Todd Murfitt
Alice Gill

The South Australian Fellowship Award

2017  Dr Lynda MacLeod, Simon Murray