2018 QLD Awards

ACEL are proud to present the 2018 QLD Awards.

The Miller-Grassie Award for Outstanding Leadership in Education

  • Professor Donna Pendergast

The Excellence in Educational Leadership Awards

  • Ros Curtis
  • Dr Cathy Day
  • Geoff McLay
  • Anne McKenny
  • Geoff Newton
  • Dr Judy Smeed


  • Christine Clarke
  • Jan Maresca
  • Martyn Savage
  • Dr Kerry Tuite
  • Patrea Walton

The Inspiring Educator Award

  • Wendy Martin

The Emerging Indigenous Leader Award

  • Alec Warner
  • Tegan Baumgart

The Research in Educational Leadership and Management Awards

  • Dr Belinda Holmes
  • Dr Nerida Spina

The Commendation Award
Metropolitan Aspiring Leaders Group

  • Brad Clark
  • Liz Foster
  • Amanda Hawkswell
  • Kim McNamara
  • Lisa Morrison
  • Emily Simons
  • Paul Zernike

The Media Award

  • Rebecca Sparrow