Welcome to the NSW Branch of ACEL.

The Australian Council of Educational Leaders plays a key role in recognising, contributing to and celebrating leadership in education in Australia.

It is interesting to note that fifty years ago educational leadership was only just becoming a new area of research. At that time there was a lively debate about whether or not teachers could make a difference to the learning outcomes for all children. The correlation between the educational outcomes and the future well-being of young people and their socio-economic background was widely accepted. At this time the role and impact of educational leaders was largely a mystery.

It was during this time the Patron of ACEL Headley Beare described educational leaders as practical idealists who were the searchers, the shifters and the synthesisers of new ways of leading and enabling learning.

Today we could fill many rooms with the research that has sought to understand what it is that educational leaders do and can do to make the greatest difference to the young people we serve.

We now know that the leaders who make the greatest difference are those who

  • Are deeply committed to and focus on achievement for all students
  • Enable the school to be a place not only for students to learn but also teachers to learn through evidence informed strategies
  • And have a strong moral compass who, as one of the Buddhist grandparents at my school described, fly with two wings one a wing of wisdom and the other a wing of compassion.

The NSW executive and the national team are working together to ensure the Australian Council of Educational Leaders serves the profession through the provision of

  • professional learning
  • research and publications
  • educational advocacy
  • and recognition of professional excellence.

I trust that you are finding our new work and focus of benefit.

Ann McIntyre
ACEL NSW Branch President