Welcome to the ACT Branch of ACEL.

ACEL is the voice of educational leaders across Australia. ACEL has responded to the voice of teacher leaders and has led the delivery of conferences for Early Childhood, Disability Education, Student Wellbeing and the latest in educational research at the annual National Conference.

As a member of ACEL you will be kept up-to-date with the latest educational research, learning from the voices of outstanding educational leaders within Australia and internationally. You will be challenged to think about your practice and encouraged to reach out to colleagues to work collaboratively to be the best you can be and deliver outcomes for the people who matter the most – the teachers, students and parents in your schools.

The ACT ACEL branch prides itself on its continuing cross sectoral collaboration, where every sector has a voice and everyone works together in harmony to deliver the best outcomes for our community.

We encourage and welcome every teacher in the ACT to join ACEL, for we believe every teacher is a leader, every day, in every classroom, in every school. As a teacher leader, we want to hear your voice and we want your voice to be heard across the ACT, Australia and beyond.

Yours Sincerely,
Michele McLoughlin
ACEL ACT Branch President