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Picture of the product10 Steps for Hiring Effective Teachers
Author: Mary C Clement
The quick-read, step-by-step guide to hiring outstanding teachers!

Whether you are new to hiring or searching for a fresh approach, this invaluable guide helps you select the best possible candidates.

Mary Clement, a nationally-awarded expert on teacher hiring, presents proven strategies for identifying high-performing teachers. Readers will learn

Ten best practices that address every stage of the hiring process
Techniques and sample questions for Behavior-Based Interviewing
Interview questions to avoid
How to involve teacher peers in interviewing and mentoring new hires
Identify and hire high-performing teachers, and see your students’ academic potential flourish!

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Picture of the product100+ Ways To Recognize And Reward Your School Staff
Author: Emily E Houck
When you're in a leadership position and can't control pay, what can you do to increase morale and lower staff turnover? Get this book and use the many practical ideas for motivating educators and creating a more positive work climate in schools. Author and experienced school leader Emily E. Houck explains

Why recognising and cheering your colleagues is in their best interest and in the best interest of students.
Four essential elements of recognition and how and when to use each.
How you, as a leader, benefit from showing that you value the efforts and work of others.

From low-effort ideas - like thank you notes and team lunches - to more high-effort (but worth it) ideas like award ceremonies, the book describes inexpensive - even free - activities that fit the routine, budget and culture of P-12 schools. If you're a principal, administrator, department head, manager or someone heading up a school-based workgroup, don't settle for generic advice when you can get this education-specific book.

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Picture of the product101 Quotable Quotes and More on Leadership
Author - David Woods

David Woods, former lead Education Advisor of London Schools and Chief Adviser of the London Challenge, and current Chair of London Leadership Strategy, has brought together an inspiring collection of quotes on leadership. 101 Quotable Quotes and More on Leadership offers more than 50 pages of motivational and thought-provoking quotes, not just from key educational experts, but academics, business gurus, historical figures and politicians. The book includes excerpts from books by key educational figures and thinkers such as Sir Tim Brighouse, David Pendelton and Adrian Furnham, plus information from the Department for Education and the National College for Leadership. This is the ideal book for anyone in education wanting a handy collection of quotes that they can use, pass on or simply gain encouragement from.

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Picture of the productA Case Study Approach to Educational Leadership
A Case Study Approach to Educational Leadership

Sharon D. Krause, Julie A. Gray

WAS $69.99 NOW $59.50

A Case Study Approach to Educational Leadership takes on six core areas of school leadership—organizational vision; curriculum, instruction, and assessment; school and external community; school climate and culture; equity; and improvement, innovation, and reform. Using a case learning approach, this volume introduces salient theoretical and empirical literature in each core area and provides illustrative cases designed for individual and group analysis. Written for aspiring educational leaders, this book facilitates the discussion and reflection of individual and collective professional judgment and helps developing leaders make sense of the challenges school leaders face today.

Special Features:

Featured Cases direct readers toward the issues of practice embedded within the theoretical content area
Linkage to relevant Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL) standards ground each chapter in the latest guidelines for the field
Discussion Questions foster reflection of content and practical applications
Leadership Activities and Web-Based Resources support leaders in making further connections to practice

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Picture of the productA School Leaders Guide to Standards-Based Grading

Author: Margaret McInteer, Bev Clemens, Mitzi Hoback, Jan Hoegh, Robert Marzano, Phil Warrick, Tammy Heflebo

A School Leader’s Guide to Standards-Based Grading, by Tammy Heflebower, Jan K. Hoegh, and Phil Warrick, with Mitzi Hoback, Margaret McInteer, and Bev Clemens, offers a reliable framework for analysing student learning and providing students and stakeholders with effective feedback on student progress. This guide not only articulates significant research supporting standards-based grading as an accurate, precise, and effective way to report academic strengths and weaknesses but also shares applicable anecdotes from educators implementing its components. The authors detail specific procedures, processes, and systems necessary for implementation. Using this practical, research-based resource, principals, administrators, and teacher leaders will: • Distinguish between standards-based and standards-referenced grading • Understand the research and reasoning for standards-based grading and read other educators’ accounts of their experiences with standards-based grading • Explore the advantages and challenges of implementing standards-based grading • Examine their current grading practices and identify strategies to ensure grades accurately reflect students’ strengths and weaknesses • Improve student achievement through meaningful, measurable, and accurate reporting

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Picture of the productAdvocacy from A to Z
by Robert Blackburn, Barbara R. Blackburn, Ronald Williamson

In today’s educational climate, advocacy is a critical part of any teacher or leader’s job. Advocacy From A to Z unpacks the difficult task of understanding the movers and shakers—including teachers, parents, the union, legislatures, and policy makers—that impact your school, affect your students, and shape policy.

Organized into 26 chapters—one for each letter of the alphabet—this book provides school-based examples and specific strategies needed to be a successful advocate for education. Advocacy begins at the local level, and the newest book in the A to Z series helps educational leaders navigate, plan, and shape their message to the right people at the right time. Now you can find your voice and become an active advocate to help your students succeed.

A – Advocacy: What and Why?
B – Building Blocks of Lobbying
C – Communication Skills
D – Designing An Advocacy Plan
E – Engaging through Technology
F – Framing Your Message
G – Gaining Support with Limited Resources
H –Handling the Media
I – Internal and External Stakeholders
J – Juggling Information – Frank Buck
K – Keys to Social Media
L – Local Advocacy is Foundational
M – Motivating Those Around You
N – Networking
O – Overcoming Objections
P – Public Relations 101
Q – Quality Relationships
R – Resistance to Change
S – Successful Negotiations
T – Time: Friend or Foe? – Frank Buck
U – Up-to-Date on the Issues
V – Vision: Personal and Shared
W – Working with Local, State, and National Governance
X – Pitfalls to Avoid
Y – Your Turn
Z – Zeroing In on the Essentials

"Every educator should own this practical book! Advocacy from A to Z assists readers in effectively advocating for the needs of students in a world outside of education."
—Kara Chism, Director of Programs and Curriculum, The Hope Institute, Samford University, USA

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Picture of the productAim High, Achieve More: How To Transform Urban Schools Throu

Author: Yvette Jackson & Veronica McDermott

Aim High, Achieve More: How To Transform Urban Schools Through Fearless Leadership

Many urban educators live in fear: of their schools being labelled failures, of increasingly punitive sanctions, of loss of respect and livelihood. This fear pervades the entire school community, affecting the physical, mental and emotional well-being of its members. Aim High, Achieve More: How to Transform Urban Schools Through Fearless Leadership is a guide for transformation in urban schools, with the key ingredient in school renewal being fearless leadership. Fearless leaders work in schools under-resourced and overburdened and serve disproportionately large numbers of children who live in poverty and face racism daily. They are ordinary educators committed to proving that demographics need not be destiny. Aim High, Achieve More will help teachers to bridge the divide that separates urban students from their birthright of a high-quality education. You will learn how to: - Adopt a leadership approach consisting of affirmation, inspiration and mediation (AIM). - Build a leadership team of important stake-holders that is committed to improvement. - Create supports that enable teachers to nurture their students' potential to meet high standards. Each chapter closes with reflections and activities that will help your leadership team produce its own roadmap for change. Aim High, Achieve More provides insights gleaned from real-world experiences that will enable you to create a successful, vibrant learning environment.

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Picture of the productAndy Hargreaves 2 Pack
Andy Hargreaves 2 Pack :
Collaborative Professionalism + Professional Capital

Available for a Strictly Limited Time

Collaborative Professionalism

Andy Hargreaves, Michael O'Connor

This book is clearly organized to show the need for and the design of Collaborative Professionalism with five key country cases - China, Norway, Colombia, Ontario, and the US. In the second part of the book these cases are used to uncover 10 tenets of collaborative professionalism such as collective efficacy, collaborative inquiry, and collaborating with students and shows how they work together for success. The final part clearly outlines practices we need to stop happening (high teacher turnover), what should continue happening (good feedback), and what should start happening (empowering students more).

Professional Capital

Andy Hargreaves, Michael Fullan

Professional Capital: Transforming Teaching in Every School is an incisive critique of the failing reform movements in many countries and a powerful manifesto for the only strategy that can and does work. Hargreaves and Fullan set out exactly and undeniably why the only way to move forward is to honour and improve the profession of teaching.
In this book, the authors equip teachers and those who work with them with insights, ideas and actions that will dramatically improve their effectiveness, which in turn will improve societies and generations to come. Using the strategy of professional capital, educators will be able to harness the commitments and capabilities of many to transform the education system in countries around the world.

This is a must-have book for all educators out there who want to strengthen and improve the integrity of our education system for students and societies at large.

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Picture of the productArmstrong's Handbook of Management and Leadership for HR: De
Armstrong's Handbook of Management and Leadership for HR: Developing Effective People Skills for Better Leadership and Management 4ed

by Michael Armstrong

To make an effective contribution, HR specialists have to be good at management, leadership and developing both themselves and others. They also need to be aware of the management and business considerations that affect their work. Armstrong's Handbook of Management and Leadership for HR: Developing Effective People Skills for Better Leadership and Management provides guidance on the processes of management and leadership with particular reference to what HR managers and aspiring managers need to know and do to make a difference.

Written by renowned human resources expert and bestselling author Michael Armstrong, Armstrong's Handbook of Management and Leadership for HR covers in one volume the 'Leading, Managing and Developing People' and 'Developing Skills for Business Leadership' Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) modules. It includes numerous practical features such as case studies, practitioner interviews, exercises and clear learning objectives to aid learning. This is the essential book for HR students and professionals looking to broaden their skills and understanding relating to management and leadership. Supporting online resources include downloadable flashcards, slideshows, case studies and activitiesal knowledge for the human resources function.

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Picture of the productAspire High: Imagining Tomorrow's School Today
Authors - Russell Quaglia, Michael Corso, Kristine Fox Quaglia and Gavin Dykes

The ideal school is closer than you think.

This high school of your dreams is a dynamic place that promotes aspirations and meaningful learning—and each aspect of its success exists in a school today, drawn from research, observations, focus groups, and interviews. Whether you’re a policymaker or district leader who can build from the ground up or an educator aiming for incremental change, you’ll find your next steps, including:

A whole new way to work with all stakeholders

Research and action for best practices, from physical layout to curriculum

Principles for designing practices that encourage student aspirations

Messages from thought leaders inside and outside the field of education

Aspirational culture is good for the whole school community—and beyond. Make your school a dynamic place that promotes aspirations and meaningful learning for all.

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